Saturday, November 7, 2009

Food Buzzwords for 2010

According to the Baltimore Sun, the Food Buzzwords for 2010 are:

Authentic Neapolitan pizza. Lamb riblets. Too many food trucks, not enough curb space. Farmed trout creeps up on farmed salmon. Curry- and Indian-spiced fried chicken. Vietnamese sandwiches - the bahn mi (see my posts on Vietnamese food. I guess I was ahead of the trend!). Gelati. Global comfort food. Artisan hot dogs. Made-to-order ice cream. Chefs turned butchers. Casual comfort. Touch-screen kiosks and home delivery in fast food outlets. Latino street food. Wood oven cooking. More energy drinks and adulterated waters. Mood food. Backyard and rooftop bee hives. Stevia. Kimchee. Urban farms. Griddled burgers. Free food. House-made everything, especially in sandwiches.

Sorry, you will not catch me having bee hive's any time soon – I’ll leave that to the real foodies!