Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Cold - A One Way Ticket And You Can't Even Go To Florida

This past week, even my immediate escape place – Florida – was in a deep freeze.

I woke up one morning and these were hanging off my window. UGH - how many more weeks of winter are we going to have? I’m so up for a long run in the sunshine.

A positive? It’s getting lighter when I come home at night. Don’t forget to always think of the weather window as half full of sunshine… makes your disposition a real high spot which is something all of us need in the middle of January.

It’s also easy to over eat this time of year. If you’re having trouble like I am keeping it off, there are a lot of tips on my post from 1/2/2010 called “Tips To Lose A Few In 2010.”

Bon “petite” Appetit!