Sunday, June 20, 2010

Flatbread Pizzas

For most people who eat flatbreads every day, they are a staff of life. A lot of cultures have a version of flatbread, which is probably one of the earliest bread products ever made. These include chapati, injera, pizza, pita, cracker bread, lavash, tortilla,puri, barbari, pancake, arepas, and naan. The breads are shaped by hand and made very thin in relation to other breads.They are then cooked quickly on a hot surface. I could get lost in the taste of them because they are all a work of art.

This recipe for flatbread pizza happens to be really easy. Almost any flatbread will do. You can use lavash bread because it is cracker-crisp and so thin. I have also made little pizzas using tortillas as the base, in which case I crisp them, top and then bake. Make sure you crisp them first (put in a fry pan for about 2 minutes on each side).

You can experiment with the toppings and create some really appetizing groupings.

I have also made this recipe with grilled tenderloin, arugula, red onions, portobello mushrooms and Parmesan cheese and it was so delightful.

I did not put any measurements down for the toppings because I normally do not measure them. Pile on as little or as much as you like…it’s that simple.

Chicken Flatbread Pizza

1 package flatbread
Olive Oil
Seasonings: You can use Fresh Basil, Oregano,Garlic, Fennel, Marjoram or just about any seasoning.
Toppings: Chicken, Spinach, Bacon, Green Onions, Mozzarella and Provolone

Pre heat oven to 500 degrees.Lightly brush the flatbread and sprinkle with your desired seasonings. Place on your toppings. Bake 7-10 minutes. I would watch your oven after about 6 minutes because everyones temperature is different.

Bon Appetit!