Saturday, January 22, 2011

Living La Vida Loca

I happen to love Las Vegas…in very small doses. Small doses meaning 3 days not 3 weeks. It's the ultimate La Vida Loca.
                             Waiting To Hear Who Won The I Pad

I was there for a convention last week and here are some of the interesting things I found on and off the convention floor.
                               The Latest In Promotional Products

                                             The Bar At The New Cosmopolitan...Beautiful

            Celebrating Wamer Than Chicago!

                                 Vegas Shopping

                                                     MGM Rules!

Why is the buffet at the Paris Hotel the best?

                      The Meat Course at the Paris Including Prime Rib and Duck

A departure from the traditional Las Vegas-style buffet, this amazing dining experience takes dining to an lofty level by featuring live-action stations, the freshest ingredients and food cooked to order. If you are going to pig out anywhere in Vegas make it Paris.

Speaking of restaurants, I’ve eaten at a lot of great restaurants and this time around I found a hidden gem -The Firefly Tapas Kitchen and Bar at 3900 Paradise Road. My boss has been going there for years. Small plates and so appealing I could have eaten there every night.

John Simmons opened Firefly restaurant and it was tough going for the first year. In fact, he needed the tip money just to stay open. Now, the restaurant – his first and just off the Strip - is a Las Vegas institution. Every night it is jam packed with tourists and locals, the young and old, 20 to 60 somethings and everyone else who has a great taste for outstanding food. This was one of the things I liked best about this place - it was such a mix of people.

We split the small plates listed below and washed them down with wine, rum and the house mojitos. I’m sure the mix of the drinks, food and company was the magic.

                                               Desserts at the Paris

It was a Vegas indulgence that was followed by a week of Slim Fast but it was so worth it.

Bon Appetit!

Firefly*fries - with parmesan, herbs, aioli

Lamb skewers - marinated leg of lamb, tomato, red wine sauce]

Filet mignon sliders - mini burgers w/Serrano ham, cabrales cheese, caramelized onions

Crispy duck rolls in cherry hoisin sauce]

Camarones a la diabla - shrimp, spicy chile sauce, grilled bread

Camarones al ajillo - shrimp in lemon-garlic butter sauce

Petite filet - mini filet mignon, herb cheese, roast potato, mushrooms, red wine sauce

Ham and cheese croquetas - Serrano ham, Manchego cheese

The favorite: The hot and ever so spicy Camarones a la diabla. I’m going to try and recreate this recipe in the coming months.

Bon Appetit!