Sunday, May 27, 2012

Farmer’s Market Saturdays

I really enjoy going to the Farmer’s markets on Saturday. I value the vendors as much as I do buying the just-picked fruits and vegetables.

Is it cheaper to buy at the Farmer’s market a friend asked me the other day? …

Absolutely. The produce is so much fresher (It doesn’t pass through that gigantic food chain) and it lasts for weeks as opposed to days.

I spoke to a vendor last year who had just picked his produce the day before it was sold at market. You can really taste the difference.

Farmer’s Markets…I say it’s like growing your own vegetables without all the work.

Last week, I discovered the guys from Cookies and Carnitas, a new vendor at the Green City Market.

They do a Roli Roti (the famous San Francisco Porchetta Sandwich maker) making them an instant hit.

Their pork had a bit more fat but so much more flavor.

Cookies and Carnitas chips are made from Nichols farm potatoes and are rendered in Becker Lane Bacon fat. I can’t imagine a more delicious combination.

Bon Appetit!