Sunday, December 29, 2013

Eataly Chicago

This is one of those places you can go into a million times and come out with a different vision of Italy each time. Such an eye-opener, especially when you wander in for breakfast when they first open at 9 AM. One thing for sure - you’ll immediately want to book a one way ticket to Italy, grab your passport and never look back. I’ve thought about it each and every time I go inside.
I had so much fun exploring Eataly again today. I can’t say any one section is my favorite. I like them all.

If you think the prices are a bit too high, go for the education. I learned more about Italian food in two pop ins although each one lasted a lot longer than I anticipated. 

Crazy as it sounds, if I had a full day here, I would spend it reading labels…and drinking wine of course. You can grab a glass and walk around while you shop.

Many items are made fresh in-house. The gelato is divine and the desserts are portioned to bring you back for just one more.
The five of us came with an undersized appetite  – we had dinner planned that night – so we split an antipasta plate and a pizza. It was perfect. Of course, the Italian white wine was our favorite share. Once again, the service was great.
The crowds have been impressive… so much so they had to close down last Monday in order to restock and give the staff time to breathe.
A trip to Eataly is a glimpse inside what makes Italian food and wine one of the top cuisines in the world and now that I’ve found my go-to place in Chicago, I want to hit up to some of the other Eatalys around the world. 
Let see, if I start in Rome and work my way through Italy, I can knock ten off my list just like that. Che bello!

Bon Appetit!