Wednesday, September 2, 2015

5 Delightful Places to Eat in Mexico City

Café Budapest
Common People
Emilio Castelar 149, Mexico City

I love this tiny café on the 2nd floor of Common People, a concept store in Mexico City. Café Budapest has hidden views of beautiful Lincoln Park from the tables on its balcony. A wonderful collection of imported teas selected by tea sommelier, Leticia Saénz, the first tea sommelier in Mexico. Magnificent pastries and old world décor. Once you’ve been here, you’ll be hooked. This tiny café will transport you back to another time and place. 

Magnolia Bakery
Virgilio 40, Miguel Hidalgo, Polanco, Mexico City

So much high-quality bakery you’ll have a hard time choosing just one. Not to worry; I ate two and brought two home. Tastes exactly like Magnolia Bakery in Chicago. Known for their Banana Pudding, my forever addiction, Lemon cupcakes and Key Lime pie are also terrific… or for that matter, so is everything else.

Porchetta Pork House
Campos Elíseos 247, Miguel Hidalgo, Polanco, Mexico City
Pork Sandwiches

My new favorite sandwich spot in DF, I stumbled across this tiny spot in Polanco that serves the best porchetta sandwiches.

Porchetta, a specialty of central Italy, is Mexican pork loin of the highest quality wrapped in bacon and seasoned with fennel, sage and rosemary. Go when they open because there is always a long line.

La Jersey Deli
Mercado San Juan, Mexico City
Deli Sandwich

When was the last time you had a fantastic lunch for under $5 USD?

A complimentary glass of wine, the Amigos over-stuffed sandwich with Serrano ham, Salami, Cocido, Lomo Canadiense, Manchego National, Cabra and Parmesano topped with Salsa Artisanal Botanera and a free Postre made with Mascarpone, strawberries, honey and chocolate was just 75 pesos.

El Califa
Altata 22, Col. Condesa, Mexico City

Any taco connoisseur realizes that the difference between a good and a great taco is in the salsa and El Califa  makes some of the best.

As far as I’m concerned, Andy’s Tacos in SMA still reigns as the king of Tacos al Pastor but I fell in love with the Chicharon de Queso and the enormous taste of the thin sliced Rib Eye Taco. 

Buen Apetito!