Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Back in early December, I did a post on the Best Street Food in San Miguel.

Here are three new additions I discovered this month that you don’t want to miss: Gorditas de Migajas, Birria and Caldo so loaded with flavor, you’ll wish every night in San Miguel was a chilly one.

Happy Holiday and Buen Apetito!

Gorditas de Migajas@Bautista Brothers Carnitas
Gorditas de Migajas y Queso are typically made in Queretaro but the last time I was in Bautista Brothers at Guadiana #2, they were making them there without the cheese.

Crumbs or migajas are what’s left in the bottom of the pan after cooking the carnitas. They are tucked into a pocket of masa and hand-formed into a neatly stuffed gordita.
Watch them being pulled off the hot comal without even burning a finger and you’ll understand that this is a skill that takes plenty of practice to master.

I’ve always favored costillas but migajas are the real jewel of the mix. Full of magnificent pork flavor, it’s now one of my favorite street eats in San Miguel.
Top with a layer of Bautista Brother’s homemade roasted-tomato salsa. Laced with  piquant spices, this salsa contain so many intense flavors it delivers a taste that you’ll likely not forget any time soon.

Take the challenge and see if you can stop eating them after devouring just one. I couldn’t.

Sorry, you’ll have to get your own because this flat cake is much too tasty to share.
Birria@Birria Xalisco
Birria Xalisco, a restaurant in Celaya just opened a location in San Miguel at Salida a Celaya #81.
Birria, a spicy stew from the state of Jalisco, is made with goat meat that is marinated in adobo spices. This one however uses lamb and the sauce is overflowing with chilies and spices that parallel a mole.
It’s another reputed hangover remedy that apparently works according to my amigo at the neighboring table. It brought him back to life after just two helpings.
Get a double on the meat and you’ll be full and happy when you hit the bottom of the bowl.
There’s an array of salsas on the table to spice it up to the level of heat that you like.
A real steal at 65 pesos a bowl.
 Caldo@Andy’s Tacos
Now I have two good reasons to go to SMA’s most celebrated street food cart.
The latest delight to come out of Andy’s portable kitchen is caldo made with the scraps, bones and drippings of the meat.
Comfort food pleasurably simple, it wowed everyone who was eager to get an instant cup of warmth on a cold December night. With no exception, everyone who tried it loved it.
Like the old proverb goes, “I now believe that good broth will resurrect the dead.”
Just don’t wait for Day of the Dead to try it. It’s as delicious and intense as it looks.