Monday, June 12, 2023

Eating Your Way Through 100+ "New" Restaurants in San Miguel de Allende

There are so many changes happening in the food scene in San Miguel de Allende right now, you’d better not blink or you’ll miss them. Following a wave of restaurant openings, you’ll have plenty of new places to eat in the coming months.

What SMA chefs are bringing to the table these days is pretty exciting. There’s Vietnamese street food and authentic, upscale Indian by way of Home Sweet Home Chicago chef, Hiran Patel at GHAR, Pop Ups from the previous chef at Casa Blanca and Fatima, Birdie’s Burgers back in the mix, plenty of really good pizza and burgers and world-class chefs in the kitchens at Moxi and Aperi.

And then there’s street food - really good street food: overstuffed Beefsteak and Pork Tortas from the taco stands up on the hill to newly named restaurants in Centro that dish up crispy Suadero Tacos that you rarely find outside of Mexico City. It’s all part of our renewed love of tacos and other Mexican dishes like Pozole, only this time around it’s made with smoky mushrooms and served in a setting that reminds us of Tulum.  

And how about all the new bar openings? Tunki Rooftop by Handshake at the Belmond Casa Sierra Nevada has a spectacular view of the backside of the Parroquia with food and service to match and Hendrick’s, our favorite gin bar from 2017 has finally been resurrected and is now La Bain Gin Bar- the coziest, little bar in SMA.

The best news of all: Chef Matteo Salas is returning from Europe this summer to cook with his former Sous chef, Jesus Vasquez Reyna, the new chef at Apei. Be sure to follow their social media because the limited seats available for those dinners will fill up before you get through reading this list.


Below is the directory of the new restaurants in SMA. We define new as ones that are actually either new or have a new chef, new location, new owner or operator or one that’s new to us - the ones we missed because there’s only one of us or because of the COVID pandemic.


If you want to brush up on Mexican culinary terms, read a book that will convince you that you know nothing about Mexican food and need to travel more, take a cooking class in beautiful, countryside retreat, but flour to make really good pizza or bread or never go into the grocery store again and still eat, check out the resources at the end of this directory.


We didn't anticipated that this list would be so long when we started the article but they kept coming in – we got Burritos Coronado today - so we’ve saved the new menu offerings at the restaurants for another post.


We NEVER do a post without a lot of those mouthwatering photos but we wanted to get you started on this list so check back with us as many of the photos will be added in the next few weeks and as we feature these restaurants over the course of the summer.


We know life is short so have at it! You’ve got some serious eating to do before a bunch of newbie’s show up again and spoil this feeding frenzy. 


Buen Provecho!


Hernandez Macias 115

San Miguel de Allende

Phone: 415 105 8826

Daily: 4:00 PM – 11:00 PM

Tuesday: Closed

This Mexican gastronomic project has plenty of authentic pulques, moles and elotes in its reserves. If someone asks you about Mexican food, you’ll want to send them here. It’s the real deal!



Doce 18 at Relox 18

Centro 37700

San Miguel de Allende, GTO

One of the most beautiful restaurants in SMA, we saw the rendering and can’t wait to catch the opening of this new rooftop later this summer. Watch for many surprises on the menu as this chef will kick the level of food in SMA up another notch. New operating chef, Misael Canche, of Merida, is fine-tuning the menu to pair up with that incredible view. Stay tuned. I’ve already picked out my table.


Stirling Dickinson # 21

Centro, San Miguel de Allende


AMORES: 8:30 AM – 2:30 PM Closed Tuesdays


MIGA PANADERIA ARTESANAL: 8:30 AM – 4:00 PM except Sunday closes 2:30 PM. Closed Tuesday.


This restaurant/bakery offers pastries and panecito that are baked fresh every morning. Try the new croissant waffle.



Doce 18 at Relox 20

Daily 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM except Friday and Saturday closes 11:00 PM.

+52 1 (55) 5414 9388

My father's stores had Bridgeman's fountains in them so when I was growing up, I ate the best ice cream on the planet. When I was living in Guadalajara in the late 60's, there was a Bing's ice cream store just around the corner from school. Eating Flan de Lemon every day after class was part of the sweet experience. In my 30's, 40's and 50's, David Lebovitz's homemade vanilla ice cream took me through 30 years of cooking and entertaining. By the time my granddaughter Olivia came along, I bought the ice cream attachment for their Kitchen Aid so she would know the delights of homemade ice cream. Dipping her long-handled, silver spoon into the mixing bowl before it was even close to being done was the ultimate pleasure of our ice cream culture together.


I've never claimed that ice cream is healthy but Armorino, the new gelato store in Doce 18, is as close as it gets. Besides having AMOR in its name, Amorino has made Gelato without flavor enhancers or artificial colorings for more than 15 years; has promoted Organic since 2002, proudly integrating organic ingredients into its recipes like fresh, free range, organic eggs and the highest grade of whole, organic farm milk; has developed more than 20 organic flavors; all of them USDA Organic and ECOCERT certified. Sorbets and cones are vegan and certified by The Vegan Society. Since 2017, all of Amorino's Sorbets and Gelato have been 100% gluten-free.

We found the Amorino management team, brothers, Christopher and Christian Roldan, sitting in the living room of the Amorino's store at Doce 18, contemplating their next flavor fix. Christopher fell in love with the combination of lemon and chocolate when he was working in Paris and brought Amorino to the states and ultimately to Playa del Carmen: Amorino's first property in Mexico. He lives in my hometown of Chicago with Amorino stores on Michigan Avenue and at both the airports. San Miguel de Allende became their 16th property in Mexico with 218 stores in 18 countries.

We plan to eat the entire menu over the course of the next few months. An ice cream purist, I only eat one flavor at a time but you can pile on as many as you'd like, all formed into a flower, Amorino's signature shape for the past twenty years. Amorino also has Borbone coffee from Naples, Macarons filled with Gelato, Waffles, Tarts from Reggio Emmilia and 10 types of authentic, Italian hot chocolate.

How's that for having your sweet tooth covered?


Dr. Ignacio Hernandez Macias 117

Monday – Tuesday 8:30 AM – 4 PM

Wednesday – Saturday 8:30 AM – 9 PM

Sunday 8:30 AM  - 5 PM

Mark Hager said it best “Lunch with a perfect omelet for less than Perkins.” This breakfast and brunch café has 2x1 Margaritas Wednesday – Saturday. Everything is cooked to order with outdoor dining. Brunch is served on Saturday and Sunday.


Corner Insurgentes and Hidalgo, San Miguel de Allende

After 7:00 PM

Andy, the face behind Andy’s Tacos and the best Tacos al Pastor in SMA, has a new owner. Are they still the same, much-loved tacos that were written up by the Wall Street Journal way back when?  Stay tuned. We haven’t been there yet since they changed the cart.


Quebrada 101

Centro, San Miguel de Allende 37700

Phone: 415 152 0941

Daily 2:00 PM – 10:00 PM

Closed Tuesday

Phone 415 152 0941

Chef: Jesus Vasquez Reyna

Aperi is exactly 7 minutes from my front door. I’m 6 courses in and I just ate one of the best meals of my life 

June 3,2023. I want to remember this date. There was suckling pig that was brined 12 hours, sous vide for another 12 and crusted in a sizzling hot pan. The balance of flavors was on point for every dish. The Sweetbreads were divine - Cecina with a Chintextle, a Mexican smoked chili paste from Oaxaca and a Mole made from Huitlacoche. I’ve eaten Sweetbreads before from some of the best chefs in Mexico: Eduardo García of Máximo Bistrot, Elena Reygadas of Rosetta,Top Chef’s first season winner, Rodolfo Castellanos of Origen in Oaxaca and Chef Arturo Sandoval at ATRIO. This one is now on the top of the list. There was a Beef Tongue terrine with Foie gras, a three beet salad with Rosa, Amarillo and Purple beets and Cristina Gerez’s creamy goat cheese with edible flowers and a buttery, Amberjack with Parsley oil, Leche de Tigre, Rainbow Radishes and Begonia flowers that tasted like green apples. The dessert was Mango with freeze dried passion fruit; a chef’s technique that comes from the mountains of Peru.

There’s a story here about how a 25 year old chef showed up in the kitchen at the best restaurant in San Miguel de Allende, Aperi, and asked the chef, Matteo Salas, for a job; he even offered to work for free and did for awhile. And between then and now, the chef worked in the top kitchens in Paris and Istanbul, perfecting his skills and studying under one of the greatest: two star Michelin chef, Pascal Barbot, of L'Astrance in Paris.

He also worked for Marco Cruz of Nomada. He said he loved going to work every day that he was in Marco’s kitchen.

Now at 33, Jesus Vasquez Reyna is back at Aperi, this time as Executive Chef, where he was destined to be. I’m savoring the fact that we have another full time, World-Class chef in our midst, just like Matteo Salas, and it’s been a very long time coming but we’re saving that story for another day; perhaps when he’s named one of the best chefs in Mexico.

And after today, we see that day coming sooner rather than later 

Buen Provecho 

Chef Matteo Salas will be cooking with Jesus at Aperi July 6 - 8, 2023.

Contact Francisco at 415 179 1991 for tickets to the hottest culinary event of the summer.


Mesones 43-A between Relox and Juarez

Centro, San Miguel de Allende 37700

Phone 415 154 5262

Daily: 9:00 AM – they run out!

At a tiny, hole-in-the-wall on Mesones, Carnitas Apolo XI, makes these porky bites as good as they get. We had them with a delicious pile of pickled cabbage, red onions and a dash of salsa verde. We ate Carnitas Apolo XI when we first came to SMA back in 2013 but we don’t remember them ever being this good. The first time we went there, we sat on a small, wooden bench inside the shop but last time, we headed to the roof; blessed with an overhead cross and a view of the Parroquia. You never know when you’re going to get a view like this with all of the hidden rooftops scattered around town. I’m told that there are two brothers that trade off cooking every week and one is better than the other. Stay tuned while we figure that out.


Avenida Olimpo 67

Sunday, Tuesday - Saturday 11:00 AM  – 7:00 PM

Closed: Monday

Phone: 415 215 3625

Chef: Franco Davalos

Chef Franco Davalos buys some of his produce from Chinaberry Farms so you know its fresh, Asian cuisine. A recent report from SMA food lover, Billy Mervin, is that the food is definitely worth the trek. Stay tuned. It’s on our short list.


Santa Teresita de Don Diego

Carretera a Celaya KM 4.5

San Miguel de Allende 37897

Daily 9:00 AM – 11:00 PM/ Lunch 2:00 PM – 9:00 PM/ Dinner 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Phone: 415 688 1120

Kravia and La Barra are both part of the Aromo project in San Miguel de Allende. For additional details or to purchase tickets visit: www.aromo-sma-com/kravia


Located within the premises of Aromo San Miguel de Allende, 7 minutes away from downtown, KRAVIA is an immersive dining experience that combines visually stunning presentation, delicious and well-crafted flavors, pleasing aromas, high-end technology, and attentive service. Dinners enjoy an explosive 7 course tasting menu with wine pairings surrounded by vivid imagery and powerful sounds. With only one table for 14 guests, there is one seating every Friday and Saturday at 7:00 PM. Try the Ensalada de Nopal, Taco de Pulpo and Pan de Elote.


Located within the premises of Aromo San Miguel de Allende, just 7 minutes from downtown, LA BARRA Tacos, Mezcal and Xocolatl is a culinary experience where you can taste signature Mexican cuisine surrounded by tropical scenery. At BARRA, Aromo's culinary team presents Mexico's most iconic dish,TACOS, in different and tasteful varieties which go from the traditional to the unusual with ingredients such as duck, tuna, cauliflower and meat cuts; guests can enhance the flavors of each dish with our selection of Mezcals to pair. Xocolatl, an element of ancient Mexican cuisine, is also at LA BARRA, with tastings of fine chocolates from AROMO Chocolateria which can also be paired with Mezcals for an explosive combination of flavors.


Umaran 34

Centro, San Miguel de Allende 37700

415 688 7248

Opens daily at 9:00 AM

Closes Sunday 6:00 PM, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 10:00 PM, Friday 11:00 PM, Saturday 12:00 Midnight

Closed Wednesday

Farm-to-table cuisine with another San Miguel rooftop view.


Av. Principal la Luz #3

San Miguel de Allende

Access to it is on the side of the Chevrolet dealers on Salida to Queretaro.

Hours: 8:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Established in 1987, Barbacoa Hnos. Rodriquez is an institution in SMA. Fresh off the Caldo, this broth has a much richer flavor than all the other Barbacoa Hnos. Rodriquez I’ve eaten at; and there have been many. Try the Taco de Montalayo (belly) and Taco de Moronga (blood). It’s considered a delicacy in Mexico, at least by those who have overcome the inhibition of eating blood.


Mesones 3

Thursday – Saturday 4:00 PM – 11:00 PM

Sunday 12:00 Noon – 6:00 PM

Hotel Amparo has reopened their food and beverage program with some rather interesting additions to the food scene in SMA. We loved the bar when Mixologist Gabriel Avila was there; every week there was a different drink to try so hopefully they’ll continue the tradition. Stay tuned 


This popular restaurant on the road to Dolores Hidalgo is moving in to Centro next to Chef Jorge Avendano’s other property, Salvajes Brasserie at Hidalgo 92. It’s expected to open in late 2023. This will be an ideal situation for the chef who will have a lot easier time overseeing both restaurants when they are right next to one another. We’re thrilled to have Bastardo in Centro because they’re going to a wood fire kitchen and we love anything that’s cooked over wood. They’ll also have a huge selection of both beers and natural wines. Stay tuned. We’ll be there for the opening 


Principal de los Frailes, Parque de Los Enamorados, Los Frailes, San Miguel de Allende

9:30 AM – 1:00 PM

Another great Farmers Market every Saturday in the park at Los Frailes. The Coffee Lab now has a pop up booth at the market and will be taste testing several coffees and offering whole bean and ground coffee for sale.



Salida a Celaya #6

Guadiana, Centro - San Miguel de Allende

We’ve been looking for another favorite lunch spot since Birdies flew the coop during Covid but Birdies Burgers is coming back; going into the space that was once occupied by La Mar restaurant at Salida a Celaya #6 and we couldn’t be happier.


We’ll be at the opening to celebrate the one food we missed the most during the pandemic and to also grab a bite of that delicious, Canada de La Virgen beef. Stay tuned - it’s on our 2023 short list and hopefully a new chef will be announced soon. It’s currently one of Chef Donnie Masterton’s best kept secrets.



Quebrada 18A

Centro 37700, San Miguel de Allende

1:00 PM – 10:00 PM except Sunday closes at 9:00 PM

Chef:Jose Bazan 

415 177 7175

Oscar Mendez is the new chef in Bocaciega’s kitchen. He’s coming onboard with one of our favorite chefs, Jose Bazan. Don’t miss their new summer menu including the crispy, stuffed squash blossoms; a new SMA favorite. Even Patsy Dubois, the Queen of Squash Blossoms in SMA will approve.



Codo 36

Centro, San Miguel de Allende 37700

This is a new project by the owners of Bocaciega and Tostevere. Housed in the back of Cava Sautto, Volcan Tequila is redoing the kitchen. The space will host chefs from around Mexico and the world.


The owners said of this space: “BocaLab was first planned for the chefs in town; a place where knowledge is the common coin and the exchange of wisdom thirstiness and experience take the most important role. We saw an opportunity because Cava Sautto already worked with liquor and wine brands looking for events and experience development with their products and we are always in the need for our Chefs exposure. This partnership created a space to design different workshops related to gastronomy. LVMH Moët Hennessy and their premium tequila, Volcan, got interested in the idea and will join the project. In the meantime, we have already started different experiences and events: pizza pairings, pasta classes, wine parties, and private dinners. We are very excited to see what we can do in BOCALAB; the future looks really fun.”  Ideas? Contact Tono at Bocaciega who is open to just about anything. 771 772 0061.



Porton 17

Atascadero, San Miguel de Allende

415 148 7305

Wednesday – Sunday 4:00 PM – 10:00 PM

Atascadero is a pocket in SMA with a whole lot of potential and the owners have decided to tap into it. Spanish Mediterranean food features paellas and other enjoyable dishes from Spain paired with a spectacular view of SMA from the hill. Catch live piano music weeknights with a DJ on the terrace every weekend. Call for the hours of operation as they will convert to a 7 day a week schedule very shortly.



Canal 16, Centro, San Miguel de Allende 37700

Tuesday 7:00 PM – 10:30 PM/ Wednesday – Sunday 1:00 PM – 10:30 PM

Closed: Monday

Phone 415 121 6787

Mixologist Uriel Jonathan Frausto Tabares was recently named, by the Worlds 50 Best Restaurants and Bars, as the Top Bartender in SMA. We’ve so happy he’s finally getting the recognition he deserves. Their annual list provides a snapshot of some of the best destinations for unique culinary experiences, in addition to being a barometer for global gastronomic trends.


Lib. Jose Manuel Zavala 72 a

Centro, San Miguel de Allende

Phone: 415 688 7374

Monday – Saturday 9:30 AM – 7:30 PM

Closed Sunday

Barista: Brandon Medina

Ask Barista Brandon Medina for something invigorating and he’ll tell you that’s about everything on the menu at Broga. This specialty cafe is the place for great chocolate, coffee, lattes and refreshing drinks. Also try their Chilaquiles.


Doce 18 at Relox 18

Centro 37700

San Miguel de Allende, GTO

This cozy wine bar is from the Mexico City owners of Casa Murcielago Mezcaleria. Both spots are new; housed right next to each other across from the Casa Dragones tasting room in Doce 18. Opening in July, 2023.



This new, border-style food truck is located in a food garden called Lunch Box. The owners are two of SMA’s favorite people: Daniela, the daughter of Lolita restaurant owner, Lizette Angel and Nacho, the former Mixoligist at Pork Belly. Stay tuned for a post shortly.  



Colegio 10, Centro

San Miguel de Allende 37700

Daily: 7:00 AM – 9:00 PM

This coffee café can easily be missed but it should be on the top of your list. There’s a large number 10 painted in white on the wall opposite the entrance to Ignacio Ramirez Market. I’m taking my friend Barry, the coffee connoisseur, because so many people have told me that this is the best cup of coffee in SMA.  Pepe Martinez, my side kick, has already given it two thumbs up. Stay tuned.


Umaran #8, Centro, San Miguel de Allende

Sunday – Wednesday 1:00 PM – 10:30 PM/ Thursday – Saturday 1:00 PM – 11:00 PM

Phone: 415 688 6831

Opening in 2021, this beautiful rooftop terrace serves Latin American – Mexican food with a flare. Your home away from home, Chef Juan Arroyo oversees the cuisine at this site along with other locations in Mexico. We love their signature, imprinted tacos.


Doce 18 at Relox 18

415 139 5021

At this new restaurant inside Doce 18, you’ll be charmed by Chef Massimiliano Menossi, who is from Milan, Italy. Serving Mexican food with a touch of Mediterranean, Max is a lover and correspondent of Italian gastronomic culture in Mexico since 2001 - the date he arrived in Mexico to stay and has been teaching Italian cooking classes and conferences by the Cultural Detachment of the Italian Embassy in Mexico since 2004. There are many delicious, Mexican flavors on his menus and the last time we were there it was packed.


Donolo #1D Camino a la Vivienda de Abajo

Past the Cieneguita bridge

37896 San Miguel de Allende

Hours: Thursday – Sunday: 1:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Closed Monday – Wednesday

Phone: 415 168 7465

Chef: Marina Previero

You’ll get very authentic, home cooked Italian meals here along with Merlot from their vineyard. Giovanni and Marina own this four table restaurant with a full kitchen view along with a beautiful but small vineyard. Order pasta specials every Thursday during the month of June. Local Italian chef, Laura Buccheri, recently gave them a nod.



Doce 18 at Relox 18

Centro 37700

San Miguel de Allende, GTO

Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday: 1:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Thursday, Friday and Saturday: 1:00 PM – 10:00 PM

The perfect bar for a Friday afternoon takeover, this Mezcaleria is opening in Doce 18. Owners have another bar in Mexico City with over 25 years of experience in Mexican spirits including Mezcal, Sotol, Lechuguilla, Pox, Raicilla, Comiteco and Bacanora. It’s the perfect spot for tastings with more than 60 labels. They carry only small batch, not industrial Mezcal. They also sell bottles of agave spirits to take home.


Portal Allende 2

Tuesday 12-9 PM

Wednesday 12-10 PM

Thursday – Monday 8:30 AM – 11:00 PM

415 152 8943

This bar was remodeled when Hortus opened in the Jardin. One of the most popular spots in town, sit outside and watch SMA stroll by. It’s the local hang out for many of the SMA Mariachis.  


Hotel Real de Minas

Ancha de San Antonio and corner Sterling Dickinson

San Antonio, 37700

San Miguel de Allende

Sunday – Thursday 1:00 PM – 11:00 PM

Friday – Saturday 1:00 PM – 1:00 AM

415 103 2295

This Mexican brewery is dedicated to the production of beers with the highest quality ingredients - malt, hops, water and yeast. Stop in to enjoy their new taproom at the Hotel Real de Minas. It showcases all the great beers in the Allende collection.



28 de Abril Nte. #37

Col. San Antonio

San Miguel de Allende, GTO

Wednesday - Saturday 1:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Sunday, Monday,

Tuesday – Closed

If you are a self taught home cook or hung out in your grandmother’s kitchen growing up, graduated from the CIA or taught the art of food preparation, the story is still the same. People love food, almost as they love each other so the one place I really wanted to have a meal last week was Cha Cha Cha – CC and Mario’s restaurant, which reopened late last year. It’s the one place where many people in SMA have been sharing their meals with family and friends these days.

We know one of the owners, CC Stark, and we’ve always loved her take on food and life. They go together like Salt and Pepper, Peanut Butter and Jelly, Macaroni and Cheese or Eggs or Bacon. Can’t seem to get enough of the Mexican comforts that fill their menu, much like the abuela who fills your heart? It’s not fancy food but then, who needs fancy when most people are looking for affordable these days. All of the dishes are under $150 pesos. This time, the draw of the meal comes, not from the food so much but from who is at your table and that’s a good thing because the other owner, Mario, cooks with pure love. I don’t always run into to people in the middle of the day at restaurants. I go early and usually work alone but it was old home week today running into friends. You figure you’re eating in the right place when you do. Friend, Sally Reid, was there along with someone I hadn’t seen for at least nine years, Lorelei Capell.

The place is filled with Cha Cha Cha – so many fun and festive accents, you feel like you’re at a street party. You can’t help but be drawn into a Mexican celebration that never stops. You can even get up and dance if you want. It’s Mexico, pure and simple.

 As always, we eat our desserts first. You’ll not only find Mario’s perfect flan but also Paletas in every color; made by La Gardenia for over 45 years. We also suggest Mario’s Tamarind Water- so healthy and made from his own secret blend of ingredients with a little bit of this and a lot of that.

Mario’s recipes are the ones his own abuela cooked for him when he was growing up. We wouldn’t write about his mole because everyone loves Mario’s homemade mole; it’s legendary. We decided instead to ask for something else that we always talk about, Flautas, and figured if Mario could make an order to my taste, I’d be back next week. And so I will.



Calzada de la Aurora #51

Chef: Santoru Takeda

This restaurant serves Asian specialty foods, including Ramen, and is moving to Calzada de la Aurora #51 with a July, 2023 opening serving lunch and dinner. Breakfast will be added a few months after opening. Stay tuned.


Umaran 124, Centro, San Miguel de Allende

Chef: Cecilia Alvarez Haniel Cruz

Phone: 415 111 5206

9:00 AM – 4:00 PM except Sunday closes 2:00 PM and Closed Wednesday.
Cien 24 is expanding and will soon have an upper deck. Recommended by many, they are known for their healthy breakfast dishes.


Salida a Celaya 82, La Lejona 37765, San Miguel de Allende

Daily 7:00 AM – 10:00 PM

415 185 8839

There’s a bit of a ceremony when I enter and leave City Market - a scoop of Gelato when I come in and another one when I depart. I’ve tried every flavor on the menu. Hands down, this is the best gelato in SMA. We haven’t tried some of the specialty restaurants inside this beautiful supermarket but they’re on our short list too. Stay tuned.


One of our favorite traveling chefs, Armando Pratts and Chef Mariano Ochoa are cooking this four course, fundraiser dinner for the San Miguel de Allende Fire Department. It will be held at the La Carsona Convention Center at 6:00 PM, June 22. 2023. There will also be an Art Auction. Call 415 216 7174 for tickets.  


Shari Alexander and William (Skip) Beltz recently gave us some background on this project.

 “We are partnered with international coffee brokers who purchase crops of coffee beans. We do not deal with warehoused products, only freshly harvested beans. We start out with small amounts and test roast at different development levels. When we think we have a winner our test marketers get samples and report back to us. Successful roasts result is volume purchases that we sell locally. Right now we have 3 or 4 organic and inorganic beans we offer in various roasts depending on the customer’s pallet and the type of coffee maker they use. Here’s the fly in the ointment: Coffee harvests are just that, harvests; when they are gone it’s over until the next harvest comes in. Right now, Mexico and several Central American countries have fresh beans available. So here is the business plan in a few sentences: Purchase absolutely fresh beans, roast them fresh and present them to customers as whole beans that we custom grind for them. Most people have never had fresh roasted coffee that comes from freshly harvested crops. We are changing all that. The difference in the cup is extraordinary. We also like Guatemalan beans and just tested an organic roast that’s very good indeed. We are offering whole, fresh roasted beans at a pop up booth at the Las Frailes market on Saturdays. We will be taste testing several coffees and offering whole bean or ground coffee for sale. In July, we will be at the Textures and colors market on the Ancha every weekend as well.”

They can be reached at +1 774.331.6262 on WhatsApp for additional information. Stay tuned. They’re determined to change the way you drink coffee. 


Fracc El Mirador San Miguel de Allende

Tuesday – Saturday 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM/Delivery 11:30 AM – 3:00 PM/ Closed Sunday - Monday

415 167 0933

Good Japanese and Asian deli food with home delivery. They also serve vegetarian options. We know people who are addicted to her food and order multiple times a week. Send your order to WhatsApp at 415 177-0728.


Calzada de La Luz 129, esq Antonio Abad, enfrente de Plaza Gaeibaldi

Centro, San Miguel de Allende

Daily 12:30 PM – 6:00 PM

415 100 1286

Inexpensive, Asian cuisine brought to you by the chefs and owners of




Jesus 5

Daily 1:00 PM – 10:00 PM daily except closed Tuesday and closes 8:00 PM Sunday

415 154 7730

This is the old ETAPAS restaurant and unfortunately the chef went back to Barcelona after just a few weeks. We loved his cooking.


The new chef, Juan Jose de Santiago, has been cooking since he was 13 years old. The menu is also Spanish. We have not tried their food since the restaurant changed names. The space is beautiful, small and cozy, with a rooftop patio.


Canal #9

Centro 37700

San Miguel de Allende

415 152 0127

Daily 9:00 AM – 8:30 PM except Sunday closes 8:30 PM

Traditional Mexican food in SMA for over 75 years. This gets high marks from many Mexican friends who love the Chile en Nodaga; a house specialty. Their taste of Mexico includes breakfast Machaca and different types of Moles. There’s an outdoor patio with great hospitality, courtesy of the new owner, Rolando Gutierrez. It’s on our short list.



Avenida La Luz 7, La Luz

San Miguel de Allende 37747

473 151 0158

Tuesday – Thursday 8 AM – 8 PM

Friday – Saturday 8 AM – 9 PM

Sunday 8 AM – 6 PM

Monday Closed

This former Quince chef, Erick Rojo, has been cooking up a feast and it’s not your traditional dishes but something entirely different. Outside dining adds to the delight. Try any of the fun and flavorful breakfast doughnuts or delicious Chamorro – a pork shank in 3 chiles.


Calle Xichu 14

Centro, Caracol 37769

San Miguel de Allende

Daily 2:00 PM – 10:00 PM

Phone 415 148 6272

This Italian outdoor restaurant has a takeout option. Roman – style crunchy pizza with a thin crust and fresh pasta every day. Several of our friends live nearby and love having Italian food so close to home.



Calzada de la Estacion Centro 37736

San Miguel de Allende

Wednesday – Sunday 8:00 AM – 2:00 PM

415 148 6393

This new location near the bus depot still has the same, super-friendly owners and the best Mixiotes in SMA. If there’s one dish you have to try while you’re in SMA, this is it!



San Pedro 14 Colonia Centro entre Canal y Umaran

Centro 37700

San Miguel de Allende

Daily 11:30 AM – 7:00 PM

Closed Tuesday

415 100 2302

This restaurant is gaining a reputation for having the best seafood in SMA. Get their Mexican One Pot - Arroz a la Tumbada or tumbled rice; a type of paella but more of a soup with red rice (tomatoes and shrimp broth).

Originating in Veracruz, it contains rice and various seafood – particularly shrimp and crab - in a spicy sauce of tomatoes, onion, garlic and chilies. It’s the perfect cure for a hangover. The restaurant is a must for all seafood lovers in town.



Lucas Balderos #62, Colonia Mexiquito

Wednesday – Monday 12:00 Noon – 9:00 PM


Pablo, previously of Ten Ten Pie fame, now operates his own small eatery serving traditional, Mexican recipes hot off his grill. Pablo warmly welcomes his old friends to come to Mexiquito for a visit. Home delivery is also available.


Calzada de La Luz 90

Hidalgo and Relox,San Miguel de Allende 37700 Centro

Monday – Saturday 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM/ Closed Sunday

442 171 5586

Delicious empanadas by way of Argentina. Alejandro and Beatriz offer 8 sweet and savory variations. Look for the weekly specials. They are the most authentic empanadas in SMA.


Camino Real en numero Colonia el Toreador 37883

San Miguel de Allende

Daily 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Phone: 442 890 8769

Susan and Victor at Finca Luna Serena are doing quite a few new things at their farm. While their primary offering is processing olives into olive oil, curing olives and tapenade, they also infuse balsamic vinegar with fruits.

As always, they offer tours with lunches seven days a week, with a minimum of two people Monday through Friday and four people on weekends. Prior reservations are required. They also do cooking classes with guest chefs as well as with their staff.


They still have chickens and turkeys and eggs are sold at the farm. Finca Luna’s eggs are the best in SMA (imagine chickens feeding under the olive trees.) Their store inside the Opal mine on Hernandez Macias #99 is still in operation. This link below will take you to their website where they post a schedule of activities about four weeks in advance.



Pila Seca #2 Centro 37700

San Miguel de Allende

332 779 9129

Chef: Max Sol

Monday – Thursday 2:00 PM – 10:45 PM

Friday – Saturday 2:00 PM – 11:30 PM

Sunday 10:00 PM – 6:00 PM

This beautiful rooftop at Hotel Clandestina specializes in Argentinean – Italian food. Friend, Gustavo Lopez Aguado Montes, the head Concierge at the Matilda and at the International Professional Association of Hotel Concierges, recently ate at Florios San Miguel and gave it a good review. Gustavo is one palate we totally trust.


Jorge Villarreal

1 956 960 4765.

Frioella At Cuisine just opened and we really like their new product line. How about a corn cake that not only looks beautiful but also tastes great; perfect for your weekend brunch. Or an apple tart made from some of the best fruit in SMA. There are chocolate cakes, a flour-free Santiago almond cake, pears in merlot and various flatbreads with different toppings along with quiches and paellas. Jorge’s secret weapons? Love and passion and a son who graduated from the CIA and those fundamentals are pretty hard to beat. Jorge owned a restaurant in McAllen, Texas by the same name. He’ll be opening the bakery at a new location in SMA shortly.



Mesones 15

Centro 37700

San Miguel de Allende

Hours Wednesday – Sunday 5:00 – 11:00 PM. Last order taken 9:00 PM.

Closed Monday – Tuesday

415 114 8842

Chef: Hiran Patel

Operating Chef: Mauricio Hernandes Patraca


Chicago chef Hiran Patel’s new restaurant, GHAR means HOME in Hindi – an Indic language of northern India and the fourth most widely spoken language in the world. The restaurant is located in Casa Hoyos at Mesones 14 and opened June 1, 2023.The reviews have been off the charts and we’re so excited to finally have great Indian food in SMA. I knew Chef Patel in Chicago. He owns Naansense - a downtown Chicago restaurant known for magnificent Indian food. He’s done dozens of Indian weddings in SMA and Mexico sponsored by Zumo. Mexico is the number one spot for Indian destination weddings.



Boarded up since Covid, we just heard that Golondrinas is opening in Chef Stefani Ros’s old restaurant, Vino + Tapas SMA, at Insurgentes 63. It’s located across the street from Casa Bo, our favorite shopping experience in SMA. Stay tuned.



This Vietnamese Street food restaurant from Mexico City will open on Sterling Dickinson shortly; brought to you by Jorge Villarreal of Frioella At Cuisine, a new baker in SMA, who will also open up a new bakery.


Cal de La Aurora 48A

Right hand side

415 104 8361

Daily 9 AM – 5:30 PM except Sunday 10 AM – 2:30 PM

Closed Tuesdays

Chef/Owners: Daniela Liberato and Francisco Zermeno

Flavorful and interesting food from two chefs who opened at the beginning of the Covid pandemic and managed to survive. We highly recommend the Eggs Benedict for breakfast. Reservations are suggested as they fill up fast, especially on the weekends.


Portal de Guadalupe 12, Centro

8:00 AM – when the last customer leaves. Last seating for dinner: 9:00 PM.

Executive Chef: Omar Henrique 

The number of novels written in the sidewalk cafes of Paris would fill the library. For 10 years now, we’ve been asking why SMA hasn’t taken advantage of its almost perfect weather, blocked off more streets and rolled out sidewalk cafes everywhere. If nothing else, it should have happened after Covid but it didn’t. There was a time when more sidewalk cafes were in the planning but along came another administration and the plans went back on hold… and so did my novel.

From the peppering of tables along the sidewalk, to selling breads and pastries from their front windows (a first for SMA), it reminds me of Europe or Mexico City. I sat outside the day they opened and claimed the same spot I always have. I reveled in the spring-like weather and saw at least twenty people I know

I love this place; it’s still the best seat in SMA, only this time it’s different. For starters, the management brought in some great chefs to cook for you: Omar Henriquez, the former chef of Aperi and Alejandro López Vega, who trained under Enrique Olvera. It’s heaven to be doubled teamed by two of the best chefs in San Miguel de Allende.

This new restaurant is a vision of Alberto Laposse, part of a third generation of bakers and confectioners, who also owns Grupo Levain. He speaks with affection about the influence of his grandfather, who hailed from Piemonte in northern Italy and who also owned the legendary El Globo brand, which the family sold in 1999. Bottarga, Risotto, Bagna cauda and the wheat flavor on the pastas are all part of his childhood memories that Chef Omar Henriquez is dishing up. Alberto and his team, which includes Sandra Vasquez, the talented CEO and co-founder of Levain and Co., continue their expansion with new stores dedicated to both baking and food. The success of Panio in the Antea Mall in Queretaro and Hortus are perfect examples of the direction in which this team is headed.

Their quality speaks for itself; it’s a cut above the others. And so are the prices. We’re still amazed that we can get the best quality breakfast delivered to our front door for $150 pesos. You’ll also find many hard-to-find items like the cider that Melissa Perry Barnett discovered when she was wandering around in France; a treasure she found in Panio La Luciérnaga.

The menu is a work in progress. The night before they opened, we previewed the food - contemporary but with a surprising, Asian influence. I went to an Asian (Korean) dinner at Aperi (which the group previously owned) a few years back so we knew they were playing around with Asian flavors but who expected us to find them here? The Tobiko over the pasta, the Jusu on the oysters and the Edamames with the duck were all accidental finds when the team discovered that Asian accents work amazing well with Italian food 

I’m also crazy about their breads and pastries and just when I think I’ve finally eaten their entire menu, Cruffin de Lemon and Kouign-Amann included, along comes something new that becomes another favorite. My latest obsessions are the French Gougeres: little balls of choux pastry, the same used for éclairs and profiteroles, only this time filled with Cheese. And then there’s the filled, German Berlinesas; divine when they are warm.

Maybe we’ll get started on that novel we talked about earlier but for now, we think Hortus is a perfect start. Already Centro Bar, located directly across from Hortus, closed and reopened after a quick renovation.


Quebrada #113

Centro 37700

San Miguel de Allende, Gto

415 688 5246

This restaurant is located in the new El Ricinto Luxury Hotel. With a modern design, Chef Ramundo Armas from Dolores Hidalgo (he use to work at both San Lucas and San Francisco wineries) offers a totally Mexican menu. Edgar Arellano, who worked for Panio and Cumpanio, Dos Casas, Aperi and Los Olivos is the new General Manager for the three brands at the hotel: Ricinto, Huitzil and MAEH Bakery. Chef Jafet Flores runs the small but adorable bakery and restaurant on the upper deck of the property. The hotel won an architectural design award in Mexico and the property is gorgeous. It’s a great spot for a private party. We’re going this Friday.



Nemesio Diez 20 Centro

Central Patio

El Fogon de Enrique

Breakfast 7 AM – 11 AM

Lunch 12 PM – 5 PM

Dinner 5 PM – 10 PM

The most spectacular restaurant in this new hotel, the terrace, is still under construction. Stay tuned.


Del Pueblito 3A, Centro 37700, San Miguel de Allende

Daily 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM - Sunday closes 5:00 PM

Phone: 415 688 3997

An original and casual dining experience incorporates a healthier style of cooking from the Mediterranean and the Americas. Owned by two brothers from Guadalajara, loads of people swear by their vegetarian food.


Casa Delphine - up from Live Aqua

Calzada de la Presa 69a 37700

+52 415 190 0100

One of SMA best chefs is cooking his food from when he was at Casa Blance and Fatima. We’re excited as the restaurant was the best in SMA when he was cooking there but closed due to Covid. Chef JJ hasn’t lost his golden touch; he’s already sold out six of these dinners. Contact Casa Delphine to get on their mailing list. The next dinner will be held on July 11, 2023


Mesones 63

Centro 37700

San Miguel de Allende

Phone: 415 150 1255

Kali is Hotel Essentia’s new restaurant; a rooftop opening in August, 2023.  Chef Marcela Bolano is the Executive consulting chef and has already hired a local chef. She’ll also train the staff. She’s finished with the menu that will include some rather fabulous fried chicken, signature Rib Tacos, Pad Tai and other flavors missing in SMA. Stay tuned; we’re there when they open because we think everything Chef Marcela Bolano does is magic.


Zacateros 45

Wednesday – Saturday 5:00PM – 1:30 AM

Mixologist: Sergio Alberto Vasquez

They’re back! La Bain Gin Bar is in the former space where our favorite bar was; the old Hendrick’s Gin Bar. Adorable, cozy and cute, there’s room for about 15 people so get there early. Sergio Alberto Vasquez is one of the best bartender’s in town and he’s also back at the bar. It’s one of our favorite, new late night spots in Centro.


Mesones 57

Centro 37700

San Miguel de Allende, GTO

Daily 8:00 AM – 1:00 PM Breakfast and Brunch / Daily 1:00 PM – 10:00 PM Lunch and Dinner

A new artisan restaurant featuring French International cuisine from Chef Jose Antonio Villanueva, who worked for Chef Donnie Masterton at The Restaurant. La Brioche also makes all their own breads and pastries. Opens in late June, 2023.  


Hidalgo 13

Centro 37700, San Miguel de Allende

415 112 7650

Daily: 9:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Vegan food brought to you by the owner of Don Taco Tequila. Chef Jesus Vasquez Reyna of Aperi checks in on the chefs every day and was cooking here briefly before he went back to Aperi. Isn’t that reason enough to check it out?


Refugio Sur #12, 37750 San Antonio

San Miguel de Allende, México

Wednesday  – Sunday 4:00 PM – 12:00 Midnight

Phone: 415 107 3173

Gia’s Burgers has been renamed. La Carpa claims to have the best homemade pickles in town but we’re pretty particular about our pickles. We’ll find out soon because they’re our favorite part of the hamburger.



Recreo 94

Centro 37700

San Miguel de Allende, Gto.

Sunday – Thursday 1:00 PM – 10:00 PM

Friday – Saturday 1:00 PM – 11:00 PM

415 152 0473

This well established SMA restaurant has some new operators working with Juan Leon de Vivero - the owners of Atrio, along with their chef, Arturo Sandoval – one of our favorite chefs in town. Talk about a winning combination.

 Stay tuned for some menu changes and a few new surprises in the mix.   



Cri Cri 11 Guadalupe 37710

Tuesday – Sunday 9 AM – 4 PM/ Monday Closed

Phone: 415 112 6418

This garden café has good coffee along with sweet and savory delicacies for breakfast and lunch. Travel carefully as we got so lost the first time we went there. The cobblestone streets are a bit challenging on the far side of Guadalupe.


Salida a Celaya #69

Centro 37700

San Miguel de Allende, Gto.

Tuesday – Sunday 3:00 PM – 12:00 Midnight

415 109 4848

How often can you say just bring pocket change? Tacos are 20 pesos each: Tripe, Al Pastor, Tongue and more. The Birria Tacos are not on the menu but they have them. It’s located right near Panio on Salida a Celaya.


Mesones 56

Daily 10:30 AM – 2:30 PM and 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM except closed Tuesday and Wednesday

A 7th generation, real Liege Belgium Waffles - the street version; round not rectangular. The family business back home in Belgium, Couplet Sugars, is one of the most successful sugar companies; now selling to Kellogg’s. The sugar comes from the white beet, not sugarcane, and his family invented pearl sugar. It’s a different sweetness, and the pearls don’t melt so that’s the crunch you get. Look for their new location at Mercado del Carmen after June 8t, 2023.


415 181 3236.
Chef Magda Elisa Pablos, the former chef at El Vergel Bistro and owner of KUNI, a culinary experience by Chef Magda Pablos said “I moved to SMA to do what I love the most and that’s making people happy. Our new pick-up and delivery restaurant, Magda’s Kitchen and Delivery Restaurant, will allow you to feast on the very best comfort food without ever leaving home.” 
Look for daily specials. Contact the chef to get on her weekly mailing list. She also offers cooking classes through KUNI.



Ancha de San Antonio 121

37750 San Miguel de Allende

415 148 8605

Daily 8:00 AM – 10:00 PM

One of the few, casual spots that’s open until 10:00 PM, it’s a great place for breakfast and every outdoor table has some shade. They have a fabulous selection of French pastries, desserts and breads. It’s owned by the bakery, Marulier, at La Luciernaga. Sebastian, the owner, introduced us to some new breads, which included a heavily seeded baguette and the most amazing bagels we’ve ever eaten. Try the parmesan. He makes them fresh every morning, pulling them out of the oven at about 9:30 AM.


Josefina Orozco 19-L9, Centro 37750, San Miguel de Allende

Monday – Friday 1:00 PM – 8:00 PM/ Saturday – Sunday 12:00 Noon – 8:00 PM

Frozen Yogurt with a wide variety of toppings, including delicious, fresh fruit.


20 de Enero Sur 4

San Antonio 37750, San Miguel de Allende

Daily 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM except Sunday closes 8:00 PM/ Closed Monday

415 100 4111

This is a new, prime location for Chef Pablo Nicacio, who worked for many years with Chef Marco Cruz at Nomada. Anything you order is good; he’s one of the best chefs in SMA. Look for special dinners and other scheduled events. Music at the restaurant features Yaya Maria Claudia; the chef’s delightful partner.


Del Chorro #7

Centro 37700

San Miguel de Allende

Wednesday 1:00 PM – 10:30 PM

Thursday – Saturday 8:00 AM – 10:30 PM

Sunday – Monday 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM

415 688 4058
On top of Parque Juarez, this restaurant features French- Mexican fusion cuisine at Hotel Casa Lisa, just a short walk from downtown.


Mesones 57, Centro 37700, San Miguel de Allende

Tuesday – Friday 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM/ Closed Saturday – Monday

464 166 2663

This vegan, gluten free bakery has many delicious pastries and pizzas.


Jesus 35

46 225 27749

11:00 AM – 8:00 PM Closed Tuesday

Frozen Yogurt and Soft Serve Ice Cream


Owner and Ice Cream lover, Rene Monroy, recently opened this ice cream store on Jesus and we couldn’t be happier. The store dishes up soft serve ice cream with your pick of the toppings. Have as many as you want; the bowl is priced by weight and it’s one way to get your daily helping of fruit.

His delightful mother, Yolanda Acosta, was there to help with the opening. We would have never guessed that Rene is from Irapuato; he looks more Italian than Mexican. A town can never have too many ice cream shops and this is one of the best.


Aldama 53, Zona Centro 37700

San Miguel de Allende, GTO.

Phone: 415-152-1015

Hours: Daily 7:00 AM – 11:00 PM

New Chef: Vicente Torres


Chef Vicente Torres is in the house!

Just in case you didn’t get the memo, the hottest seat in the house right now is Aldama 53. Chef Vicente Torres has officially taken over the kitchens of Moxi and Bovine, changing the menus and teaching new techniques to the staff. Of the six dishes he served at lunch today, we loved every one of them including the Pulpo with an exquisite Ink Emulsion, thick and beautifully seasoned. Chef Vicente Torres food touches on the Mediterranean, using the best local ingredients.

Chef Vicente Torres was awarded a Michelin star at La Sucursal, in the Valencian Institute of Modern Art in Spain and studied under famous chefs Frédéric Anton, Martín Berasategui and Alain Senderens. Millesime named him their Top Chef in 2011, where some of SMA’s best chefs, Marco Cruz of Nómada Cocina de Interpretación and Chef Marcela Bolaño of Marsala cocina con acentos, also cooked 

His SMA History… Chef Torres was a guest chef back in 2017, when he was part of the Weekends event at L'Otel. In November, 2019, he briefly opened Oli Tapas here in the old Jacinto 1930 space in Doce 18. The food was Spanish, a tapas restaurant, but then along came Covid and it disappeared as quickly as it came 

Our passion for this chef’s creations began when we were a guest at GARUM, his restaurant and one of Mexico City's best, back on March 5, 2020. Weeks later, Covid shut down many of the restaurants in Mexico City but Chef Torres remained loyal to both his craft and customers. He chose a delivery option and remained open during the entire pandemic..

In his absence, Chef Claudio Castillo will be cooking at Moxi, under his direction, as part of the evolution of these prestigious restaurants. Making the meal an unforgettable one was the staff from Bovine - top SMA Mixologist, Uriel Jonathan Frausto Tabares and his apprentice, Alex Cotes, (who keeps his I.D. in his pocket just in case) and always-on-his-game, the chief concierge, Aaron Garcia Luna.

Besides the over-the-top food, the pairing with two exceptional, Mexican brands - the fine wines from Casa Madero, the oldest winery in the Americas, and the superior Tequilas from Casa Dragones - made it the best meal this year. It was truly a winning combination.

Chef Torres is committed to making Moxi and Bovine two of the best restaurants in SMA and with so many eating places here, he’s unquestionably raised the bar a whole lot higher. Some have come close but this was one of those meals of a decade you just don't forget. Some 10 years and 5,700 seating’s later, we can’t wait to sit at his table again. Chef Vicente Torres is the start of a new chapter for fine dining in San Miguel de Allende.


Carretera a Jalpa km 4.2

Sosnabar 37898

San Miguel de Allende countryside

Monday – Friday 6:00 PM – 11:00 PM

Saturday – Sunday 2:00 PM – 11:00 PM

415 168 5056

Chef: Carlos Glezgro

A farm, the owners offer gastronomic experiences that go from the garden to your table with true, seasonal tastings. To make a reservation, a minimum of 48 hours in advance is required to confirm availability and make an advance payment of 50% for the total number of guests. The experience is a 7 course tasting menu for $1,800 pesos per person and is served with refreshing Mocktails.


Carretera San Miguel de Allende

A, Dolores Hidalgo KM 3.5 37713

San Miguel de Allende

Inside Los Senderos

Chef: Jonathan Navarrete

We’re pulling inspirational quotes from the trees at Our Habitas San Miguel after Sunday brunch, where a quick trip to Tulum is the order of the day at this beautiful sanctuary outside of San Miguel de Allende in Los Senderos. Any time we’re seeking a bit of tranquility, this is where we head. The food, service and atmosphere here are simply the best. It’s like a trip to the beach, without having to pack your suitcase.


Their farm-to-table restaurant, Comunidad, offers an innovative menu that showcases fresh, locally-grown ingredients. They have an amazing Sunday brunch that’s truly a Mexican feast, including Marquesitas from the Yucatan, where Chef Jonathan Navarrete is from. They also incorporate some outside, local ingredients into the mix, like the delicious Ice Cream from La Michoana del Porton. The welcome drink, a Belini de Lavanda, is a lavender infusion with a mix of natural citric juices and sparkling wine. Our favorite dishes included the Pozole with smoked Portobello mushrooms, the moist and beautifully prepared Corn bread and delicious Chicharron Quesadillas.


We loved this place enough to put it on our monthly restaurant rotation list.


Stirling Dickinson 15, San Antonio 37750, San Miguel de Allende

Palmar 8:00 AM – 1:00 PM – open 1 month

Daily 1:00 PM – 8:00 PM/ Closed Tuesday

Chef: Luz Maria

WhatsApp 415 144 4778

With seafood from Ensenada by way of Leon, these three share a restaurant space and Luz Maria cooks for both restaurants. Ruben is the personable, English speaking waiter who worked for Luna Rooftop at the Rosewood. With just a touch of Asian, try their Kimchi Bloody Mary.


Salida a Celaya 14

Centro 37700

Guadiana, San Miguel de Allende

Monday – Friday 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Saturday 2:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Sunday 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

999 738 5659 

Owners: Patty and Chef Guillermo

With the best Heat and Eat food in SMA, this ethnic grocery store features both Mayan cuisine and food from the Yucatan. It’s primarily take out but they have picnic tables out front if you decide to eat in. Don’t miss the Cochinita pibil that takes16 hours to complete. Ingredients are sourced from local farmers who harvest them by hand with ancestral tools.



Margarita Ledesma #1

Colonia Guadalupe, San Miguel de Allende

Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Sunday 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Closed Thursday

Customers say they buy from Emilio and his wife Karen at this itty-bitty bakery on Margarita Ledesma in Colonia Guadalupe because they’re the nicest vendors in SMA. Emilio use to be the Pastry chef at Zentanos for five years and recently joined forces with them. Their breads are also sold in the Bonanza grocery store.


Cesar Enciso, the new Executive chef at the Rosewood, joined the team in 2022 and oversees all the culinary operations at the hotel including 1826 Restaurant, 1826 Tequila Bar, Luna Rooftop Tapas Bar and Los Pirules Artisan Kitchen and Garden, with a mission to provide diners with an authentic, Mexican culinary experience. After earning a degree in gastronomy at the Technological University of San Miguel de Allende, Enciso began his professional career as an intern at the hotel and later moved to different areas of Mexico to gain experience before returning to the Rosewood to assume the position of Executive Chef.

Chef Enciso is dedicated to developing a gastronomic experience that fully embraces the roots and traditions of authentic Mexican cuisine, telling a broader story of the country with each dish. In a very short time, he’s changed all the menus at the Rosewood; something that hadn’t been done since it first opened.

One things we discovered is that Chef Cesar Enciso operates a very different kitchen than most chefs and has done something that we think is pretty impressive. All the chefs in his kitchen come from different parts of Mexico and each chef is assigned to cook one dish – their dish; the one they selected that represents the best from their region in Mexico. How’s that for pulling the entire team together and making them feel like they’re really part of the Rosewood?


Another essential part of the team is Chef Alejandro Melendez, who studied gastronomy at Le Cordon Bleu Paris at the Anahuac del Norte University, obtaining the Grand Diplome Le Cordon Bleu Paris. He opened several hotels and restaurants including Rosewood San Miguel de Allende and is now back to help oversee the entire culinary operation.


We tasted 6 dishes that were part of the menu downstairs including the 1826 Tequila Bar - one of our favorites - and we LOVED every dish. We plan to go back to try the food at Luna, which is now Mediterranean-Lebanese and Middle Eastern and has received some mixed reviews.


We love this chef because he’s doing the work and is totally committed to making the food at the Rosewood the best experience there is. Stay tuned.


Ruby Joy is still in negotiations. Stay Tuned. 


Jesus #3, Centro, San Miguel de Allende 37700

Daily 8:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Phone: 52 55 4023 2625

The most stylish café in SMA, Café Umaran at Umaran #8, has opened a new gastro pub at Jesus #3, in the old Aquila space. We love their taco and burger menus and are totally addicted to the Saudero Tacos, a popular Mexico City taco you can’t find anywhere else in SMA. It’s a mix of brisket, chuck and rib meat and has the most delicious, crispy flavor. We also liked the farm raised Lubin tacos and the Cochinita with Xnipec and Habanero sauce that use organic pork and cooks over a low fire for 12 hours. Many of the spices are from a Mayan community in the Yucatan, who they generously support. Their new pizza, al Pastor, is another SMA original and gets rave reviews; especially for the crust. The owner, Francisco Diaz, is always up for new suggestions so fire away.


A small but elegant designer shop, Marilu Alvarez, is located inside Sabina Curandera Gastro Bar and is open from 12:00 Noon – 8:00 PM, every day but Tuesday.



Hidalgo 92

Thursday - Saturday: 2:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Sunday: 1:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Chef Jorge Avendaño

Partner: Alejandra Cortina

Chef Jorge Avendano’s new restaurant at #92 Hidalgo, is in an old house with small, intimate rooms and has a 5-star menu. On the second floor, there’s a cozy, private room for ten and a no-odd-man-out chefs table for 3 that looks straight into the kitchen; the only chefs table these days besides Aperi. 


The floor of the restaurant is typically French with black and white tiles like my kitchen back in Chicago; one of the many reasons I instantly fell in love with the space and felt like I had been going there for years. I felt totally at home the minute I walked in the door. They are still decorating and expect to be done soon. The food was so good, I actually never noticed.


Chef Jorge Avendaño is a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu Mexico and has worked in restaurants around the world including Noma, a two Michelin star restaurant run by Chef Rene Redzepi in Copenhagen, Denmark. Jorge’s wife, Aida Alaya Garcia, is the front-of-the-house dynamo behind chef Jorge’s kitchen, along with his partner, the delightful Alejandra Cortina.


We’ve always been a huge fan of Chef Avendaño’s cooking and every dish is beautifully presented; a signature of this chef. His cooking at Salvajes Brasserie is contemporary French with Italian elements and he’s very selective about the ingredients. His salad, for instance, is made with high-quality essentials from Chinaberry Farms, using French mustard, sage vinegar and Grana Padano.


La belle cuisine…


Berkshire Pork: The Kobe beef of pork, we made Berkshire pork at least once a week in Chicago and this chop will be your ultimate, weekly fix. It’s juicy, dark, and heavily marbled. We’ve actually never seen it on a menu anywhere in San Miguel de Allende. 


Coq Au Vin: Coq Au Vin is one of our long-time favorites; a timeless stew that’s filled with intense, classic French flavors. I have an emotional attachment to this dish as it was the first one I ever cooked to impress a guy without knowing much about French cooking. I was 20. 


Braised Short Rib: this is the chef’s secret weapon for wooing diners. It’s superbly prepared with creamy, russet potatoes – something that’s been MIA in the grocery stores lately. The serving plates are eye-catching; complimenting every dish that comes out of the kitchen.


French toast with Buttered Lobster: who would ever think to marry the flavors of French toast and buttered lobster and pull it off? The dish was a total surprise; just one of the many things this chef does with French toast like the French toast with Lavender Ice Cream, whipped cream and Marmalade – a beautiful dessert at his other restaurant, Bastardo. 


Gnocchi with Clams: Gnocchi Parisienne, a French spin on rustic Italian gnocchi. In this preparation, the texture is much lighter; sautéed in butter for that browned, crunchy exterior to contrast the baked clams. Our top choice, we loved this dish. 


Home made ice cream: smoked cream over cedar wood and a 70% cacao with white truffle oil were both superb, served in a covered, green Parisian glass bowl along with another alluring ice cream made from delicate, fresh berries the color of beets.


Breakfast and brunch will be served on the weekends when Salvajes is fully staffed. The one thing that impressed us overall was the fact that Chef Jorge Avendaño was totally overjoyed and captivated; he raved about his new kitchen, the equipment (a brand new green egg and stainless food mill)  and literally every dish that he made. A passionate chef will get you every time and we’ll admit that we were totally taken. Salvajes Brasserie is one of our favorite, new restaurants. Also try the Frog burger with extra thick bacon, brioche bun with no seeds, cheddar cheese and BBQ sauce, frog legs, red onions and yes, make mine a double!


Recreo 88, Centro 37700

San Miguel de Allende

Sunday – Monday 3:00 PM – 10:00 PM

Tuesday Closed

Wedesday – Saturday 3:00 PM – 11:00 PM

Chef: Jason Malloff

San Burger is now open and Chef JJ Castaneda is cooking with one of our favorite chefs: Jason Malloff. Drool over these two, new burgers: the Veggie burger, made with Roasted onions, Black beans, Brown rice, Roasted beet, Mushrooms, Cashews and loads of fresh vegetables and spices and the Asian burger, made of Robalo and Salmon. Robalo contains more ocean complexity and is never considered ordinary. In fact, as we said, none of the burgers on the menu are ordinary and that’s what we liked about them. Watch for new and unusual dishes coming out of the kitchen at San Burger from two of the very best chefs around.


WhatsApp 415 145 6641

Everyone’s talking about Sandra Rangel’s Tamales. She sells them for $50 pesos each - pork, chicken, cheese with vegetables and cheese with jalapenos. Contact her on WhatsApp for a quick delivery


San Francisco 11, Centro 37700, San Miguel de Allende

Monday – Thursday 2:00 PM – 10:00 PM/ Friday 2:00 PM – 12:00 Midnight/ Saturday 1:00 PM – 12:00 Midnight/ Sunday 1:00 PM – 8:00 PM

415 688 3001

Executive Chef: Rodrigo Acevedo

Is there anything more you need in life than a big, juicy steak and a cold glass of wine or spirits? Also try their Caesar salad. Good friend, Sally Reid, said this is one of the best steak houses in town. Stay tuned.


Hernandez Macias 47

Centro, San Miguel de Allende

Chef: Alvaro Alvarez

In this cozy restaurant at beautiful Hotel Petra, the food has got to be one of the best deals in town. Most dishes are all around 100 pesos; a bargain considering the presentations are all pretty remarkable. The chef won first and second place in Taco challenges sponsored by the state of Guanajuato. His specialty is rabbit. Look for a late June opening. It’s one of our favorite, new bargain restaurants with indoor and outdoor garden seating. The Mimosas are just 70 pesos.


Ancha de San Antonio 123, San Miguel de Allende 37700

Daily 9:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Chef: Alejandro Ruiz

A 100% plant based restaurant located in Mercado Sano, this place gets high marks for its Vegan and gluten free foods. Organic and sustainable, they offer the highest quality with locally sourced ingredients. All of their corn is sourced from Via Organica, a nearby organic farm. Fungicultor, Arif Towns Alonso, at Simbiosis – Alianzas de Mutuo Beneficio in Mercado Sano, sources all of their mushrooms. Although we ate with Soltribe when they were in Guadalupe, it’s currently on our short list.


Salida a Celaya 3-A

Centro 37700

San Miguel de Allende

Tuesday – Sunday 2:00 PM – 11:00 PM

Closed Monday

452 203 1783

Is a Taco Burger the same thing as a sloppy Joe? Located where Thrifty Ice Cream use to be, we ran out of time so let us know if they’re a keeper.



Across the street from the clock tower at Los Pichaos

San Jose de la Posta 37700

San Miguel de Allende

11:00 AM – 3:00 PM

The best Taco stand in SMA? We think it’s a tie between Tacos El Gary and Tacos Ramirez.

Grab a Pork Torta; slightly spicy and so delicious or Tacos: al Pastor, Cabeza, Cachete or Campechano; all of them slowly cooked over fire and so good. The staff at Tacos El Gary use to work for Tacos Ramirez. Both get 5 stars for their amazing flavors. They’re also economical. The tacos here are $17 pesos each.  



Central de Bomberos Fire Station


San Miguel de Allende

Opens 11:07 AM – 11:00 PM

The best overstuffed sandwich in SMA, the Beefsteak Torta, is just 30 pesos. They also cook a wide variety of tacos. Everything is done over charcoal so the food has some of the best flavors in SMA.


Don’t miss Tacos Ramirez on the way to the Tuesday market; it’s right alongside the Central Bomberos Fire Station. It’s our last stop before we go home so we can also grab another sandwich for dinner.



Avenida La Luz and corner with Calle Alondra

8:30 AM – 3:00 PM

Tacos de Campechano is a mix of steak and sausage; a great breakfast dish done on the BBQ. They also do Tacos de Costilla; one of our all time favorite tacos with a heavy splash of salsa verde. This food truck opened during Covid and has a steady stream of regulars for both breakfast and lunch.



Plauzela de San Felipe

Insurgentes 37700 Centro San Miguel de Allende

Pedro has been at this food stand for over thirty years; his mom for just about sixty. Pedro is always smiling so we’re always happy to stay and chat for awhile. Is this the oldest food stand in SMA? Pedro thinks so. It’s a great place to stop for liquid refreshments on your way to Casa Bo.


Mesones 53

Centro, 37700

San Miguel del Allende

3:00 PM –9:00 PM Monday - Friday
2:00 PM -9:00 PM Weekends
Pizzaiolo: Giovanni Finotto

The new pizza place from Chef Donnie Masterton, The Pizzeria, has opened and lucky for us nothing that Donnie puts on the table is ever ordinary. I went to a tasting and his flavors are remarkable; just what you would expect from this chef. We tried everything from a Brussels sprout and red onion pizza to one with Speck, honey and jalapeño. These are pizzas you wouldn’t find at any other restaurant in SMA. Even the cheese and Margarita pizzas didn’t taste like the typical variation.


Extraordinary ingredients make these pizzas one-of-a-kind. Chef Donnie Masterton is currently in Italy doing research for his menu. Giovanni Finotto is the charming pizza maker from Italy who also builds specialty pizza ovens for restaurants and private homes.

We certainly never would have named Chef Donnie Masterton one of SMA’s best pizza makers a year ago but it’s funny what 365 days and a little imagination can do when one of SMA’s best chefs is involved.


Hernandez Macias 43-B

Centro 37700

San Miguel de Allende

Wednesday – Sunday 2:00 PM – 10:00 PM

We are very sad to announce that local performer, Johnny Favorite, has closed his Cabaret. Stay tuned.


Hospicio 35, Centro 37700, San Miguel de Allende

Tuesday – Sunday 1:00 PM – 9:00 PM

415 152 7040

Mixologist: Eleazar Barbos 

How often do you wish you could say “do I have a place to take you.” Well, wish no more because that magical place exists between the 400 year old walls at Casa Sierra Nevada; one of SMA's most beautiful hotels. It's called Tunki by Handshake. With a secret entrance and a towering climb to what was once a Presidential Suite, all of the seats in this bar are pretty spectacular. Ours was right in front of the Parroquia; a landscape we've seen a million times but still get goosebumps the second it hits our eyes.

Recently recognized as one of the 50 Best Bars in the World, Handshake Mexico City, who is in an alliance with Casa Sierra Nevada, ranks #1 in Mexico, #2 in North America and #11 in the world. They've duplicated the bar menu and paired it with Peruvian food from the kitchen of Chef Andres Guerra, a young chef who doesn't look old enough to be in the kitchen. Good thing he is though. The combination of Japanese and Peruvian culinary skills created a special cooking style called Nikki and Tunki has it going on. The menus are short - we like short menus - and we guarantee you'll find something delicious to eat. Ours was the Chaufa Rice - a new dish of Basmati rice, peas, holantao, sillao and egg.

At Casa Sierra Nevada, the attention to every detail on the part of the staff is nothing short of amazing and this experience was another 5 star standout. The mixologist is Eleazar Barbosa, who took excellent care of us the entire time we were there. The Porn Star Martini, a conversation piece in itself because of the name, was made with vodka and pineapple juice; a one-of-a-kind drink with Prosecco served neatly on the side. It was delicious.

Tunki by Handshake is Belmond Casa Sierra Nevada's latest gift to San Miguel de Allende and what a gift it is. You'll want your name on this very chair every afternoon at exactly 4:00 PM in preparation for a rather sensational sunset view. We've got to warn you though - it's an afternoon delight that could become habit forming.

And speaking of habits, the experts have all kinds of theories on how long it takes to form a new habit - 21, 30, 45 days? Well we managed to nail this one down in a single afternoon.

We think Tunki by Handshake at Belmond Casa Sierra Nevada is one of the best additions to SMA's food and beverage scene in a very long time.



Salida a Celaya 6 – Interior 3

Centro, Guadiana 37760

Chef: Carlos Sanchez

Daily 2:00 – 10:00 PM

Sunday 12:00 Noon – 8:00 PM

Closed Tuesday

Tytos Grill took the place of Fiamma’s long after Chef Marco Bruzzone hit the shores of Puerto Vallarta. It’s located near Lima, another good SMA restaurant, and the menu is traditional Mexican. Carlos Sanchez, the chef and owner gets high marks for his Pozole.  



Zacateros 81B

Centro 37700

San Miguel de Allende

Daily: 5:00 PM – 10:00 PM

Chef/Owner: Mario Iribe-Benitez

Casa Oaxaca reincarnated with authentic Oaxaca small plates, Mexican wines and artisanal Mezcal. Try their Tlayudas, Pork Belly in Mole and the Duck Garnachas. It gets top ratings from everyone we know who loves authentic, Mexican food.   



CHEF/OWNER: Ulises Márquez

Aztecas 703-a La Joya

Celaya, Guanajuato.

Monday – Friday: 9:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Saturday: 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Closed: Sunday
Phone: 4616091216
Instagram: @xanathpasteleria

A short trip to Celaya is worth it for these exquisite pastries and desserts.

Chef Ulises Marquez worked at Pujol and traveled around the country working and training in some of the best places in Mexico. In 2015, he opened Xanath Atelier. He’s worked at the closing of the Ibero-American summit of Gastronomy two years in a row and participated in the first dessert dinner at the Condesa hotel for the Habita group. He also participated in the San Miguel Food Festival in 2017.


His passion, creativity and products are truly one-of-a-kind.


Insurgentes 60

37700 San Miguel de Allende

415 177 0781

Daily: 1:00 PM – Midnight 12:00AM except Monday 5:00 PM – 12:00 Midnight

Closed Sunday

Agustín Solórzano is an architect by profession and has ventured into the spirits market with his Solórzano tequila brand. Xoler opened as a relaxed spot for good cuisine, music and conversation. A hamburger of Pork Belly with a beer is $280 pesos. Watch for other, frequent pairing specials.



+52 (415) 144 -0799

A world traveler, Erich Almasy said he was surprised not to find any kind of extensive food glossary or guide for Mexico after using them in many countries he visited in his travels over the years. He’s up to over 200 pages now with finally an end in sight. Of course he will publish it; hopefully this year. We will definitely be buying a copy as I saw some terms in his draft that we didn’t recognize.


This book represents the cultural heritage by the female cooks of the Huasteca, the largest and most important cultural region of the Mexican Republic. I thought I knew a lot about Mexican food until I talked to one of the researchers, Detzany Velazquez Guzman, who studied gastronomy at the Bajio Gastronomic Institute and is a good friend of Chef David Jahnke.

Detzany, who was part of the research team on this cookbook, says the history of the recipes spans over 300 years and at least five generations of cooks. The team went into kitchens in the area and helped to record recipes and document cooking techniques. None of the recipes were written down – all were done from memory - so the research team had to weigh everything; converting handfuls of ingredients into kilograms because the cooks from the region never measured anything.  The recipes were developed based on their observations. They also drew diagrams of how to build some of the dishes which are printed in the back of the book, along with a glossary, units of measure, technical information and popular beliefs of the Huasteca such as beans cooks more rapidly without salt; and it’s a fact.

There was no electricity so they cooked on wood fire stoves in all the regions except San Luis Potasi, where they cooked in a hotel. Oft times, they would have to kill an animal before they could create the dish. There was no garlic or pepper in the recipes because those ingredients were introduced to Mexico long after the dishes that were featured in the cookbook. 

There were stories of prayers and cleansings prior to making the food. They also would not permit a pregnant woman or one with bad spirits to be there as they believed the dish would not cook properly.

The 6 regions of Huasteca are northern Veracruz, southern Tamaulipas, southeastern San Luis Potasi, northern Puebla and eastern Hidalgo and some areas of Queretaro.

In my next life I’m coming back as Detzany Velazquez Guzman. She convinced me I need to get out and travel again. If you’re interested in hearing her stories, scheduling her for a class or getting a digital copy of the book – the printed version is sold out - contact me for information.


This new App was created by a logistics company with a large, refrigerated warehouse on the road to Queretaro. It’s one-stop shopping for groceries and other items with pricing for both restaurants and residential. Order by 1:00 AM and your order is delivered to your door by 11:00 AM that same day. Items from Costco and Sam’s Club are in the mix with higher pricing.  There’s an 80% customer conversion rate, which is pretty amazing. The App has been available in SMA to consumers for 5 months. Products are sourced from the Central Abastos market in Mexico City and Queretaro. They are currently 30% cheaper for fruits and vegetables and expect to continue to reduce their prices as they enter into agreements with producers in the fields. How’s this for never setting foot in a grocery store again?

Too good to be true? Try it at


Stirling Dickinson #29, San Miguel de Allende, GTO

9:00 AM – 7:00 PM/ Closed Sunday

415 104 8246

Fresh, organic and local, this fruit and vegetable market has some of the best looking produce in town. We love it because they always have yellow lemons.


We’ve known Ram Ramirez and Eduardo Perez Calvo since we came to San Miguel de Allende. They were the Dream Team at La Azotea and in September of 2019, Ram joined Eduardo at Rustica; Eduardo’s successful restaurant and the #1 breakfast place in SMA.

Ram Ramirez has started a new company, Foodie Consulting, and is helping restaurant owners to create a better experience and atmosphere by basic processes. We can’t think of a better person for the job; Ram has managed some of the top restaurants in the city. He’s currently working with two restaurants now. We give Ram Ramirez our highest recommendation.


Parapan may be the source you’re looking for to curtail your trips to Queretaro for baking supplies. Three years later and news to us, Parapan, located across the street from the bus station and is the source for hard-to-find flours and other products for baking. Antonio has been there for 3 years; opening during Covid. Many baking professionals have known about this store. You might need to find a group of people to split things with as the sizes are meant for commercial use.

Fulvio Carbonaro, our trusted resource for Italian baking, buys the Harina Elizondo st Parapan . He says you want to get one that says 'alta fuerza’, (high strength) or 'alta proteina' (high protein). Sometimes it will tell you the W number, which should be high for it to be high strength.


Here is another source for ordering Flours:



Chef Patsy Dubois is taking time off, after 28 years of sharing her love of Mexico through cooking events, parties and classes, to build a new space with spectacular gardens and an outdoor kitchen that she’ll share with new friends and old. When she resumes her cooking classes, they’ll be in a different format to create new ways of cooking delicious Mexican platillos, using fresh produce form her gardens and greenhouse. And when you finish the class, you get to relax in her pool, jacuzzi or take a quick steam. Surrounded by gorgeous cactus gardens and beautiful flowers, Patsy’s grounds are a hidden paradise that’s close to San Miguel de Allende.


In just a few months, the magic begins. We’ll be there for the opening.