Friday, August 3, 2012

Food Scene -Minneapolis

A short weekend in Minneapolis and I had to check out the food scene because Food and Wine named Minneapolis as it’s favorite new food city.

I knew I wanted to eat at World Kitchen. This truck is a total assault on the senses. The Yum-Yum Rice Bowl is a mix of chicken or vegetables cooked in a Korean style served over steamed rice, Chinese broccoli, shitake mushrooms, soft cooked egg, aromatic herbs, peanuts, crispy onion, sesame and secret sauce. It was one of the best street food dishes that I have ever eaten anywhere, ever! I am now fixed on finding a recipe.
World Street Kitchen (WSK) is the offspring of the team( brothers Saed and Sameh Wadi) behind the critically-acclaimed Saffron Restaurant & Lounge.
Also worth a mention is Dandelion Kitchen, where owner ‘s Natalie Coleman. and Alexander Brand offer fresh, made -from -scratch offerings and use only local farmers and vendors. Dandelion started the whole food truck revolution in downtown Minneapolis.
Angel Food Bakery

Part of Hell’s Kitchen, this bakery serves up gorgeous cupcakes and you can even watch as they prepare them. They have an assortment of goodies including cookies,croissants, and craft breads.
The most difficult part of the visit? Deciding which cupcake to get because all of them looked off the chart.
Minneapolis and St. Paul’s Farmers Markets

I love both these markets. Ask me to pick one? Impossible!
St Paul: The market is LOCAL - 100% of everything sold is grown within 50 to 70 miles of St Paul. The market appears to have a better selection of produce (and prices) than Minneapolis. Score one for the goods at this market.
Minneapolis: Has a wide variety of vendors and products and tremendous spots for eating which is totally absent at the St Paul market. I liked the feel and the vibe of this market.
Any way you look at it, Minneapolis has an impressive food scene just keeps getting better.
Bon Appetit!