Thursday, November 11, 2021


Close your eyes and you’ll swear RAICES SMA was dropped into the middle of SMA straight from Oaxaca; it’s got all the markings. The food is authentically Mexican, prepared by a chef who has over 25 years of experience cooking in Mexico.
We’ve known Chef Vanessa Romero since she came to SMA eight years ago and was on the food festival fast track when we met her. She was born in Mexico City and was educated at the Higher College of Gastronomy and the International School of Tourism. For 18 years she cooked for ministers and judges of the courts in Mexico City. Many of us knew her when she owned Boado del Cielo in Mercado Sano; cooking international, healthy foods. We think Chef Vanessa Romero has finally found her niche, like she did when she was growing up and spending most of her time in her grandmother’s kitchen. The cooking comes naturally - the recipes are in her head and she could cook them all with her eyes closed.
Try her stuffed Chilaquiles: fresh corn dough with pressed pork rinds, morita sauce, local cheese, sour cream, pickled onions and black chili ash. This is an original recipe; you wouldn’t find them cooked like this any place else in SMA.
Ice cream for breakfast? Por supuesto! This Marzipan artisan ice cream with seasonal fruit was the perfect finish to one of the best breakfast meals we’ve had in SMA this year.
RAICES SMA Salida a Celaya, Sin Nombre, 37700 San Miguel de Allende, Gto/ Directly across the street from the Mobil station Daily: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM Phone: 415 121 8532 Chef: Vanessa Romero Partner: Omar Campana, Sushi Gami All safety protocols followed. Masks required/removed for photographs and consumption Health First certified by the city of SMA