About Us

We’ve enjoyed working for Tres Tonos Tequila, Guadalajara, Mexico and many other customers throughout the years.

We are about to take a Sabbatical to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico for 6 months starting June 1, 2013.

I am told that San Miguel will change your life. I’m hoping that it will broaden mine.

It is a city that will remind you of the best parts of Santa Fe, New Mexico, Siena, Italy and Seville, Spain. Since I have been to two out of three, we’ll see where this adventure leads us.

I’ve already hooked up with some local chefs and am about to tackle a photography project that is a lifelong dream.

We all need a little change of scenery to give us a new outlook on what’s happening in our world so I hope you’ll come along for the ride.

Bon Appetit!