Thursday, August 8, 2013


I have just one thing to say: Anado really knows how to throw a party!

I did an earlier post on Casa de las Ranas. I returned on Saturday, August 3rd for “The Good The Bad and The Visionary” at the Chapel of Jimmy Ray Gallery in La Cieneguita.

Hundreds of people joined in the celebration to admire their new work and honestly, there wasn’t a piece in the show that I didn’t like.

Anado is inspirational and a grand presence. He is so soft spoken and compassionate I wonder if he even realizes how gifted he is?

I love his art because it is so complex and full of poignant elements. I see one thing and I look at it again and see something else.

The works of Joseph Arthur and Spencer Tunick were the perfect complimentary component to Anado’s designs.

A lengthy video collaboration with Julio Carlos Ramos Zapata of Mexico City was a fascinating testimonial to Anado’s captivating story.

As always, good food was part of the show. From the tamales to The Hierbabuena Cocina Gourmet Food Truck, visitors did not go hungry.

Also parked on the street outside was the “art on wheels” project by San Miguel artist Santiago San Miguel. It is a truck painted with catrinas, charros, images of Frida Kahlo and elderly people from Michoacán, flowers, and village scenes. It was beautiful.

Look for the next show at the Chapel of Jimmy Ray Gallery. Wouldn’t want you to miss what will again be another grand Anado fiesta.

Buen Apetito!