Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Food for The Soul...

As a food photographer, I wanted to learn more about artistic composition and how it relates to the presentation of food.


Would my dishes be more inviting if they were artistically arranged much like a beautiful abstract painting? Just ask anyone who has been to Pujol in Mexico City and has seen the genius of Enrique Olvera who takes plating food to meaningful new heights.

Cooking is technical but more important it is creative. After all, you eat with your eyes first and while conventional methods are used to present food, some chefs are now using props such as glitter, seashells and paint to add some additional impact. Food art.

Like any would-be artist in San Miguel de Allende, I was ready to find my artistic inspiration so I signed up for Jane Dill's one-day class: Intro to Mixed Media.

What did I learn in a day?

Like cooking without a recipe, there is something very liberating about Mixed Media having no expectations which makes you wonder throughout the process just what your end result will be.

An error suddenly becomes a new technique. Doesn't this remind you of Molecular gastronomy?

An accidental color combination is accepted for its creativity.

Honestly, it was so much fun because like cooking anything goes in this class.

From layering to color, texture and design, we used polymers, plaster, gels and metallics and got to play with rubber stamps, stencils, collage and other materials.

Did we make a mess? Yes, it looked just like my kitchen after making a 21-ingredient Mole.

About Jane...

Jane specializes in teaching small groups and families. Getting that individual attention really makes the difference.

Just imagine how much fun the Lipson family had taking 3 days of classes from Jane this past week.

You can contact Jane at

Her next classes are:

Mixed Media - Texture & Mark Making: August 12-14
Introduction To Mixed Media: August 19

Buen Apetito!