Wednesday, July 29, 2015

SMA Shorts: July 2015

1826 Tequila Bar at the Rosewood Hotel

Alex, the resident Tequilier (tequila sommelier) helps guests to learn more about the selection of 120 tequilas and 20 mezcals at the 1826 Tequila Bar in the Rosewood Hotel. We love this bar for the range of tequila selections.

Need something enjoyable and unusual to do when guests come into town? You can book a tequila class anytime with a minimum of three people for 600 pesos each.

Alex’s favorite: Don Julio Real. I recently took a survey of tequila lovers, many who preferred Don Julio.

We also love Casa Dragones, whose spiritual home is in San Miguel. I first had this tequila at the Grand Cru at Bon Appetit’s Chicago Gourmet show. Rosewood also serves Casa Dragones and is one of the few bars in town to carry it. This photo was taken at one of our favorite rooftops in town, La Azotea.

My favorite Extra Anejo? Atelier Del Maestro. I love the bottle. It’s hand painted, this one by Oaxaca artist Rafael Avala. The bonus:The person that takes the last shot gets to keep the bottle.

Another brand to try? Remember my reference to 1-2-3 Tequila in a previous post? Rosewood carries its accomplice, 3-4-5 Extra Anejo Tequila, a superb mélange by architect, distiller and master blender Enrique Fonseca of 30% three year, 40% fourth year and 30% five year Extra Anejo tequila aged in French oak.

The Restaurant

I popped into The Restaurant for a Shaved Brussels Sprout and Kale Salad and the Duck Confit Tacos. Best meal in town x 2!

We’re already hungry for their new restaurant, Tacolicious, to open in November. Stay tuned.

Lavanda Café

Three of the many reasons we love Lavanda Café at 11:00 AM…breakfast, lunch or coffee!

Casa de Cocinas

We recently got another taste of Michael Coon’s Okonomiyaki pancake. It’s made with cabbage and shallots and is topped with crispy pork belly, bonito flakes, Japanese mayo, bulldog sauce and toasted nori. 

Still gets our vote for the best ethnic dish in San Miguel.

Instituto Allende

It wasn’t until the SMA Food Festival that I realized just how beautiful the Instituto Allende is…both inside and out.

Funny how I see things in a different light when I am eating.

La Sirena Gorda

In about a month, the old Sirena Gorda will close. We loved the original place, the oldest cantina in San Miguel, for its atmosphere. The new restaurant is located at #85 Hernandez Macias.

We stopped in for a Torta Ahogada de Chamorro (Pork Hock Torta). It was delicious; stuffed with pork, avocado and red onions and smothered in a sweet sauce of tomatoes and chili peppers. We haven't had an ahogada sandwich this good since last year in Guadalajara.

Our travels are defined by the meals we eat…

When did I ever like a main course more than the dessert? Yesterday, at Aperi. Chef Matteo Salas stunned me by a simple ingredient, a carrot, that completely altered my view of vegetables and how chefs cook them. It’s a day later and I can still taste the flavor. 

More on Aperi in August. PS: The dessert was really good, too!


Heaven on earth…were certain of that. Look for a post in August. We're going back first for another round. We just can’t get enough of this place. 

¡Buen Apetito!