Monday, November 6, 2023

Birdie's Burgers is Back!


There's a lot of great burgers around town and after a brief absence, Birdie's Burgers is back looking to rule as the best burger in SMA.

Life is complicated this time around when there are so many really great burgers in town so what does this one have that the others don't? Well, let's start with Canada de la Virgen grass fed beef along with all the ultra fresh trimmings. Biting into this burger is the ultimate pleasure. You don't really need much of anything else, exceptperhaps another one to go for the road.

Am I dreaming or is the menu just short of perfect? We love that there's some of dishes on the menu from The Restaurant's Burger night, the old Birdies Burgers menu, like the towering Chicken sandwich, and our favorite tacos from Taco Lab. You'll find the perfect balance of fast food and heaven, which means you can eat at Birdie's every day they're open and still not eat the same thing twice.

We really love the original Birdies Burger single but when it comes to the fries, we're all over the place - the loaded baked potato fries, the cheesy fries and the truffle fries with Parmesan cheese are all on the top of our list. Order them extra crispy. 

Chef Donnie Masterton landed the perfect spot between Centro and San Antonio and while you're there, stroll through the restaurant to look at all the fun pieces that Donnie brought from his personal collection to decorate the place. That, too, is a total work of art.

Birdies Burgers

Departure to Celaya #6 Local 1

Downtown, San Miguel de Allende

Daily 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM except closed Tuesday