Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ben Pao's Restaurant

I have been eating at Ben Pao’s for over 12 years. The blend of China's four great regional cuisines: stimulating full-bodied Mongolian; light Cantonese; uncomplicated, hearty Shanghai; and daring, alluring and hot-spicy Sichuan make this restaurant a fantastic place to investigate the Asian.

I ordered the Bundle, which was a great deal at $10.95. What I got was a lot of food - a vegetable egg roll (delicious – one of the best in Chicago), Hot and Sour Soup and Sesame Chicken. My son loves the Sesame Chicken so much we always have to get an order and a half just to satisfy his appetite.

A lot of restaurants do not come close to the quality of the fresh ingredients and you can always find something on the menu that will astonish you. They list their Specialties as Black Peppered Sea Scallops, Shanghai Shrimp, Penang Curry Chicken, 7 Flavor Beef, Egg Rolls, BBQ Pork Shoulder and Sichuan Wrinkled Beans. I have had them all and LOVE them! Eat in the bar as the atmosphere is sunny and great people watching!

Ben Pao’s is at 52 West Illinois in Chicago.