Thursday, November 17, 2011

Oh Sola Mia… A Food Writers Take On One Great Breakfast

I have two cardinal rules when it comes to writing about food:

1)   Never accept a free meal – it will cloud your judgment.

2)   If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all.
I can’t tell you how many restaurants I have eaten at the past two years that I’ve not written about.
My goal every week is to direct you to restaurants that will make you so inspired you want to immediately run home and cook. Sola is one of them.
Not sure what came over me but I ordered two breakfasts – Huevos Benedictos and Short Ribs Benedict - and LOVED them both.
Frequently, I order two and give half to the staff in the back of the house or the people at the next table. Portion Control and everybody’s happy.
Sola’s Huevos Benedictos is my new obsession. I loved the spicy combination of the chorizo with the sweetness of the cornbread and the creamy hollandaise sauce. I was so won over by the taste, I immediately went home and made it for dinner guests that night… and they loved it.
Although having breakfast for dinner is a new 2012 trend, it’s been a main stay in my food journal for a long time. Without a doubt, breakfast is my favorite meal.
What attracted me to Sola in the first place was the story – Hawaiian chef uses local ingredients to tempt your palate – but what will keep me coming back is the fact that this is not your ordinary breakfast. Every dish that came out of the kitchen looked so delicious I made a mental note to order it the next time I come in.
I guess I'll have to book a permanent table because I am now scheduled to come back at least 11 times.
Bon Appetit!