Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Definitions

A White Christmas
Winter’s Reality: Poof: summer’s gone
Stocking Stuffer
Enduring the Holidays:
Tatoo’s are not my thing but if they were, this would be my first.
Christmas Tree
Something is so perfect about Christmas with a picture-perfect tree.

Holiday Breakfast: I’ll take mine with a side of sunshine.

Exercising Off The Holiday Calories: A long run up the hill at Lake Bluff Beach.

Finding The Holiday Party: Close.

That’s it!
Christmas List:
A brown corduroy rocking horse, wontons and white chocolate dipped cookies.
How easy is this kid?

Silent Night:
Each night I draw a little deck of angel cards and pick a word to live by for the next day.

For a long time, I was getting different words every day. Lately however, for the last 13 nights to be exact, no matter how many times I mix them up, I’ve drawn the word SPONTANEITY
So SPONTANEITY means something like packing my bag and going to St Maarten the day after tomorrow without even thinking about it?
I am so spontaneous!
A Long Winter’s Nap:
Wake me when it’s over.

Bon Appetit!