Monday, December 5, 2011

The Doughnut Vault

Serving up doughnuts until they run out (the girl at the register told me it’s usually under 3 hours… I want this job!), this tiny little spot – really only large enough to fit 5 people in comfortably at one time and no bigger than my closet- is for anyone who deems Duncan is in need of a fix.
Cash only and a limited menu but oh so worth the wait.

I got there at 9:05 and there were 11 people ahead of me. Minutes later, there was a long line around the block…and it was pouring outside.

I had a hard time finding this place and the girls at the Ace Hardware (there for my fish line and Christmas lights) tried to direct me. I made some detours but once I found it, I could have slapped myself for not having discovered it earlier.

I brought some doughnuts back to the girls at Ace and they were as excited as I was that I found the place…down a side street just about 2 minutes away from the store.

The vanilla was perfection and in my estimation, the best doughnut they make.

Overhyped? You be the judge but in my estimation, that vanilla doughnut is one I will line up for again next Saturday.

Bon Appetit!