Sunday, May 27, 2012

Two New Treats...and both of them Italian

It’s so much fun to stumble upon ingredients and these two just happened to be Italian.


If you are sweet on cherries like I am then the Italian Amarena Fabbri brand is totally worth the extra money. They were so delicious on this bowl of homemade vanilla ice cream. These amarena cherries are honestly the most enjoyable I’ve ever had.

I know people that swear by them. They are the only cherries they will use in a mixed drink and recommend they always be used in place of ordinary candied cherries.

Spicy Taralli:

A snack food of Italy like a breadstick or a pretzel, taralli can be sweet, savory or spicy. These Tatalli were spicy with a little red pepper flake in them. I bought these from the gal at Crumb Bakery at the Green City Market.

The package mentioned that it would be good with a glass of wine so the power of suggestion forced me to open a bottle of my favorite red. How's that for an excuse?

Bon Appetit!