Tuesday, June 5, 2012


At 1072 N Milwaukee Avenue, Frontier was set to open at 10:00 AM and I got my pick of a tables because I was the second party to arrive.

I always go to a restaurant when they open to get a spot near the window (for the light) and ask the waiter a million questions. Nearly all the time, I get great service.

Had the chargrilled oysters, the pancakes with brittle and maple syrup and the rabbit and waffle. All were really good and beautifully presented but every dish came cold. How did that happen with only two parties in the restaurant?

I never review a spot that I don’t have good things to say about but honestly I love this place. The outdoor space is a real high point on a sunny Saturday morning in Chicago. Seriously it has all of the components of a really great restaurant…just needs to get some things worked out in the kitchen in order to shine.

Bon Appetit!