Sunday, November 10, 2013

Aha! Moments

An Aha! moment is described as a sudden revelation that elicits joy from a new understanding. 
Since coming to San Miguel, I've had many.

From Guanajuato, Dolores Hidalgo, Queretaro, Morelia, Patzcuaro, Puebla, Guadalajara,Tonola ,Tlaquepaque,Toluca and Mexico DF to the sleepy little town of Santa Rosa, there have been so many Aha! moments I quit counting.

On the Mexican Tourist Board’s list of 50 cities, I’m about to discover the other 20 I’ve not been to. There are certain to be lots of Aha! moments down the road.
There are so many beautiful places near San Miguel that I would have never seen if it were not for the Sunday Hiking Club. One Sunday you are doing the easy hike – if that’s what you call 16 river crossings both ways - and the next week it’s through remote villages.

You never know what to expect from one week to the next except Aha! moments.
From Mexican Independence Day to Day of the Dead, Mexico’s biggest holiday, Aha! fiestas are one thing that Mexico does exceptionally well. In fact, there are so many of them I have to reference my Catholic calendar.
 Michael Coon cooks Marcella:

Casa de Cocinas is part of my culinary routine every month. This month, in my opinion, Michael Coon did an Aha! tasting - one of his best - honoring Italian chef Marcella Hazan.
Stuffed Spaghetti Frittata with Tomatoes, Mozzarella and Ham
Polenta with Grilled Portobello Mushrooms in a Balsamic Reduction
Fricasseed Chicken Abruzzi Style with Rosemary, Marsala, Cherry Tomatoes and Olives
Italian Chocolate Mousse with Raspberries
Expect The Unexpected:

What I love the most about San Miguel is that I can turn a corner or go down a street and I never know what I’m going to find. Expect the unexpected. Just when you think that you’ve seen everything, something new appears for yet another Aha! moment.
I’ve finally learned to appreciate all forms of art…a major Aha! for me who only saw it in photography.
The purity and playfulness of a Mexican child is amazing. I’m in awe of all the Aha! moments they have given me.

After 15 years, San Miguel brought me together with old friends. The moment was so powerful even we cannot explain why it happened and dismiss it to the magic of San Miguel.
I meet new people every day. Today I met the woman who teaches a course on Miracles. 
Little miracles and Aha! moments happen nearly every day.
Food Sources:
Unlike most small towns, San Miguel has a wide variety of direct food sources. This amazes me. 
From the Tuesday Market to the Organic Market to Mercado Ignacio Ramirez and all of the specialty stores, I’m spending and enjoying more time in my own kitchen.
It’s exciting to me that I have poinsettia plants growing in my garden.

Plants have taken on Aha! status here and I find myself wondering how many species of plants there are in Mexico.

The girl with the brown thumb has grown.
San Miguel:
There’s something almost divine about the light here, particularly in the late afternoon when all of the weddings and quinceaneras flow out of the cathedral and everything is aglow.

As a photographer, light is everything so Aha! moments happen daily.
Is there food more complex than Mexican? Food preparation for family and social events is considered to be an investment in order to maintain social relationships.

The more I learn the more I realize that there is so much more to discover.

Another Aha! moment.
Buen Apetito!