Sunday, November 10, 2013

Consistently Good Food: Hansen's

At Calzada de la Aurora #12, I’ve been to Hansen six times in the past few weeks and honestly I love this restaurant. They are open Friday, Saturday and Sunday and get here early if you want the specials because they sell out.

This restaurant is my first choice for consistently good food.

The under 100 peso Friday and Saturday special for a small steak (and it was good), French fries (and they were good) and a salad was a great buy. I was full and had no room for dessert. This is unquestionably one of the best pieces of beef I’ve had since I've been in San Miguel. On another day, I tried the burger and it was exceptional as well.

One of the best things on the menu is the Caprese salad. We sided 5 people with one salad two nights in a row.

The pork chops were good – two large ones on the plate – but slightly overcooked. This would be my only complaint.

The Tortilla Soup was billed as “The Best in Town”…and it was.

Delicious dessert. It was really rich ...just like great chocolate should be. In fact, I felt guilty after I ate it...also something good chocolate should do.

We had fun leisurely lunches and dinners on both the rooftop and inside. Don’t hurry and enjoy the experience. The Margaritas were 2 for 1 after 5 PM and at every meal the service was outstanding.

I’m planning to split both the Prime Rib and Osso Buco as I’ve heard both are superb. I also want to try the BBQ ribs which were sold out last Sunday. Oh and the chicken liver pate. 

Do you suppose I should stake out a chair for the next few weekends because my brother and brother-in-law will not let us go anyplace else.

Buen Apetito!