Monday, May 4, 2020

SMA RESTAURANTS, LIQUOR AND GROCERY: Status and Delivery Options as of May 4, 2020

The quickest way to reach a restaurant is to call or Facebook message them. The message option should automatically pop up or press the message button to get it. The menus are usually posted on their Facebook page as well as current hours of operation.

Andanza – Closed Temporarily
Antonia Bistro - Closed Temporarily
Antigua Trattoria Romano – Delivery 415-152-3790
Aperi - Closed Temporarily - Delivery service starting in May
Atrio - Closed Temporarily
Bacco – Delivery 415-154-5513
Bhaji Curry House – Delivery 415-152-6439
Bar at the R - Delivery 415-154-7877
Bar Margaret - Closed Temporarily
Bella Italia – Uber Eats Delivery 415-514-6758
Birdies Burgers – Delivery 415-154-7877 Also Uber Eats delivery
Berlin – Delivery 415-154-9432
Bonanza Grocery- Delivery 415-152-1260
Bovine - Closed Temporarily
Buenos Aires Bistro – Delivery 415-154-6390
Buonforno Bakery – Opening Wednesday, April 29. Delivery 415-154-0809
Bui - Open to Otomi residents- Delivery 415-688-0021
Café Buen Dia - Closed
Cafe Casa Blanca 7 - Closed Temporarily- See The Restaurant listing
Cal’eh – Delivery 415-111-4811
Café Monet – Delivery 415-121-1229
Cafe Muro – Closed Temporarily
Café Verintort – Delivery 415-121-4398
Canada de la Virgen – Delivery 415-154-8771
Casa Nostra - Closed Temporarily
Casa Secretos- Delivery
Cent’anni – Delivery 415-154-8044
Cervecería Dos Aves Online store
Chef David Jahnke – Online cooking classes -
Chef Gabriel Ordonez – Delivery 415-216-5195
Chikatana – Delivery 415-100-1286
Chiquita’s Food Delivery – Delivery 415-177-0865
Chocolates Johfrej - Delivery area. Call 415-152-3191
Claudia’s Bakery – Delivery 415-151-0146
Cumpanio - Closed Temporarily. Delivery service starting in May
Curry A Domicilio – Delivery 415-152-6439
DeliQ – Delivery Call button on
Note: DELI Q now has a GROCERY page called DESPENSA where you can find the finest products from quality small producers from Mexico, mostly from the region. For now, Querencia is part of DeliQ
Denise Rosenfeld@Postres Artesanales- Delivery 415-113-9679
Denver’s Los Olivos – Delivery 415-150-0539
Dilas – Delivery 415-154-1212
Don Lupe Grill – Delivery 415-121-3820
El Buen Cafe - Delivery 415-152-5807
El Café de la Mancha - Closed
El Correo - Closed
El Manantial – Delivery 415-111-0007
El Maple – Open. No Delivery 415-185-8859
El Parque - Closed Temporarily
El Pato –Pick up 415-150-7613
El Pegaso - Closed Temporarily
El Vergel – Delivery 415-110-2063
Enamota – te – Uber Eats Delivery 415-120-5190
Fat Boys - Closed
Fatima 7 -Closed Temporarily. See listing for The Restaurant
Firenze – Closed Temporarily
Garambullo - Delivery Thursday - Saturday 415 -114-1930/415 -119-4678
Geek and Coffee - Closed Temporarily
Gias Burgers - Delivery 415-113-6762
Grandpa and Son - Closed Temporarily, Working in delivery
Greece on Wheels – Delivery 415-111-0649
Grille Torres- Closed
Hanks - Closed Temporarily
Hand to Hand Fresh Market – Delivery 415-177-8449
Hecho en Mexico – Closed for the month of April
II Castillo Pizza Delivery 415-121-7730
Inside Cafe – Delivery 415-152-3999
Juans Café – Open
KFC - Kenten’s Fried Chicken – 415- 151-7505 starting 4/28
La Azotea - Closed Temporarily
La Casa de Diezmo - Closed Temporarily
La Casona – Delivery 415-185-8501/415-114-8908
La Choperia – Uber Eats Delivery 415-154-4545
La Cucina do Afrodita – Delivery 415-124-2435
La Comer Grocery Store – Delivery 800-377-7333
La Dona - Closed Temporarily
La Frontera – Delivery 415-152-4265
La Isla -Delivery
La Lonja Carnicería – Delivery 415-152-4124
La Mesa Grande – Delivery 24 hour notice for bakery/ Same day for pizza and sandwiches 415-124-7441
La Mezcaleria – Open. Delivery 415-121-5354
La Pezcadeldia Fish Market – Delivery 415-154-8498
La Posadita - Closed
La Parada - Closed Temporarily
La Sabina – Delivery 415-688-2619
La Tonita Fruits – Delivery 415-167-2639
La Unica - Closed Temporarily
Lavanda - Closed Temporarily
Lima502- Delivery 415-566-4782
Live Aqua - All restaurants closed temporarily
Lolita Cocina Mexicana –Delivery
Los Milagros – Open and Delivery 415-152-0097
Luna de Queso – Delivery 415-154-8122
Luna Rooftop Bar - Closed Temporarily
Madame la lune - Delivery
Mama Mia Express – Delivery 415-150-1791
Manaia at Los Senderos - Pick up or delivery within 2 km radius 415-151-1557
Mare Nostrum - Closed Temporarily
Marsala – Delivery 415-152-0080
Mercado Sano – Delivery 415-121-3623
Merken Campestre – Delivery 415-152-8900
MiBistro 300 – Open. Delivery 415-121-7979
MiVida - Closed Temporarily
Mío Bistrock – Delivery Thursday – Sunday 554-505-9212
Mon Bistro – Delivery 415-688-1989
Moxi - Closed Temporarily
Nectar – Delivery 415-152-3918
Nirvana - Closed Temporarily
Nogal- Delivery 444-165-8406
Nomada – Delivery 55-554-084-7701
Ocre - Closed Temporarily
OKO – Delivery 415-110-3283
Ojo de Agua – Uber Eats Delivery 415-150-1389
Ole Ole – Delivery 415-688-1219
Orquidea Thai – Delivery 415-150-7606
Panaderia la Buena Vida – Open and Delivery 415-152-2211 orders placed Mon-Fri, before 3pm will be delivered fresh to your door the next day
Patrisserie Pasteleria Francesa Delivery 52 1 55 54 78 80 50
Panio – Delivery 415-185-8750
Paprika - Delivery 415-124-2338
Petit Four - Order 48 hours in advance 415-154-4010
Pizza Guy – Delivery 415-110-2153 Wednesday - Sunday
Polp - Closed Temporarily
Querencia – See DeliQ
Quince - Closed Temporarily
Restaurante 1826 - Closed Temporarily
Rosewood - Closed Temporarily
Ruby Joy – Delivery 415—690-7829
Rustica - Open. Delivery 415-121-1406
Salma Community Kitchen (Armando Acosta) Delivery - 415-167-5184
Soriana Grocery – Deliver 415-120-7411
Smoke n Low – Delivery 415-177-4491
Soul Kitchen Delivers – Delivery
Starbucks – Delivery 800-288-0888
Tio Lucas – Open 415-152-4996
The Restaurant – Delivery 415-154-7877
The Soup Lady – Delivery 322-118-9129
Tacos Don Felix - Closed Temporarily
Taco Lab –  Delivery 415-154-7877 also Uber Eats delivery
Tostévere – Delivery 415-121-3075
Trazo 1810 - Closed Temporarily
Turk – Delivery 415-109-6287
Vivoli - Closed
Zenteno – Coffee Delivery 415-150-0135
Zibu Allende - Closed
Zumo - Closed Temporarily


Below is Via Organica’s list of the local farms and vendors that sell organic products. The original list was in Spanish.

1.- La Petaca, municipality of San Miguel de Allende: TOSTADAS EL LINDERO Located at * Calle Miguel Hidalgo * Mrs. Pueblito González Ramírez, Veronica López Hortelano and Karina González Fuentes. Producers of toasts and tortilla chips made with native corn, pink, blue and white.

2.-Peñón de los Baños, San Miguel de Allende municipality. 
Producer of variety of pumpkins, tomato salad, ball and cherry, sweet potato and jicama. Tel 4151193246

3.-Corral de Piedras, municipality of San Miguel de Allende. Egg Producer, Carolina Hoyos Tel: 4423390315

4.- Arif. Mushroom producer and collector of wild mushrooms. Distributor of NON-TOXIC and organic disinfectants and DESY sterilizers. San Miguel de Allende Tel. / Whatsapp: 442 110 4306

5.- Lavender Project. Lavender Producer. Lavender project contact (22 beneficiaries) Calle: México 14, La Colorada, Dolores hidalgo Tel: 4181870496 Products: Soaps, chocolate, lavender seed, lavender, lemon, savila, and more. 

6.-Victor Vadillo. Producer of multiflora honey and mesquite, black beans and June flower. Municipality of Dolores Hidalgo Tel 4181140980

7.-María Elena Martínez Gómez Gorditas of corn, cheese, piloncillo and traditional baked ranch egg, native seasonal maize FREE OF GLUTEN Tel. 4151337545

8.-Tamales Rafaela. Estancia de Canal Community, San Miguel de Allende Maize and bean producer, Tel: 4151971442

9.- Mrs. Juanita Torres Maize and Pumpkin Producer of Castilla. Cienega Community. Municipality of San Miguel de Allende, Contact: Radio XESQ San Miguel de Allende. 

10.- María Victoria Eugenia García Martínez Transformer of henequen and maguey fiber. Manufacture of scouring pads and sacks for soap. Contact in Via Organica office: 415 121 0540

11.-Priciliano Ramírez Velázquez Production of traditional ranch goat cheese, with goat rennet Community of Don Francisco, main street # 3 Municipality of San Miguel de Allende Contact through XESQ Radio. 

12- Pulque, mead and Maguey syrup. Rancho la Aurora Ejido La Laguna Escondida. Municipality of San Miguel de Allende Contact: Juana Urbina Tel. And Whatsapp: 4151159899

13. - Don Manuel and Doña Elena Muñeca Otomi. Elaboration of dolls traditionally made of cloth and made by hand María Hernández, Rancho Guadalupe de La Luz San Miguel de Allende. Tel: 415133318

14: Maguey, mead and pulque producers. Puerta del Aire, municipality of San Miguel de Allende. Tel: 442 73964 38

15.- Don Manuel Pacheco. Maize, bean, maguey, pulque and mead producer. Community of El Membrillo, municipality of San Miguel de Allende. Tel 442- 4884644

16.- EARTH AND LOVE Producers of fruit trees, plum, apricot, apple, quince and homemade animal biscuit. El Santuario, municipality of San Miguel de allende Contact:

17.-CAROLINA Producer of maize and seasonal beans, making flavored tortillas and tortilla chips with seasonal maize. Community of El Membrillo, municipality of San Miguel de Allende Tels: 4423263967 and 415111182

18.-XOTOL HONEY Variety of bee honey, maguey honey, seasonal flower honey, pollen and propolis. Contact: Daniel and Eva Merkel. Tel: 4151156665 and 4151541353 Mail: San MIguel de Allende. 

19.-. Producer of organic vegetables, popcorn, corn and a variety of beans. Contact: Marta Molina Tel: 4151527400

20.- RANCHO LUNA. Vegetable producers Contact: Moises Velazco Atotonilco, San Miguel de Allende GTo.

21.- BEATRIZ ADRIANA. 10 families (Felipe, Antonia, Ana Paz Crisanto, Yesenia Amador Santiago Valle) Chard, tomato cherry, cucumber, black radish and red radish producers. Street: May 1st # 21 Community of El Lindero de Alonso Yañez. Tel: 4151537693

22.- Pan Ost Querétaro. First Mexican company that produces, flour, bread, sourdough, pasta with organic grain, ground in a stone mill; 38 field workers and 17 transformers. Bread made from sourdough, Ogasa rye. Tel: 442-235-0257.

23.- Resti Anaya Blackberry producer, blackberry flower honey, jam, and blackberry seedling. San Juan del Río Querétaro. Cell: 427 1224965

24.-THE FACTORY. A2A2 dairy. Rancho Tierra Prieta, Dr. Mora

25.-LA RÚSTICA FOUNDATION Luis Fernando Chacón Álvarez: Promoter of agroecological projects for rural development of environmental regeneration and forest conservation. Collection of vegetables and fruit trees. Michoacán, Morelos, Yucatán, Querétaro and Estado de México. Tel: 55 5403 3270

26.-RANCHO LA PODEROSA, Alejandro Ortiz López del Paso. (ARTESANO DE FLAVORS) Signature preserves, sheep cheese, vegetable producer and virgin wool items. Tel: 55 550 501 111

27. -HONEY OF THE HIGH. Mr. Nabor Derivatives of wild flower honey, propolis, pollen, honey palette. Contact: 4421685230 mieldeloalto @ gmail, com

28.- CRIOLLO CORN CHURROS Tel: 4481129340

29.-COLLAGEN Berta Sánchez. The carbonara Sta. Rosa Jauregui, Qro.  Tel. 442 4090519

30.- ELI RODRÍGUEZ VELAZCO Artisan Ice Cream. Querétaro. Mail: Tel: 4423647171

31.- Marta del Toro. Amaranth products, wafers, churros, peanut marzipan and sunscreen, gluten-free churros with native corn. Tels: 442 23535792 and 4421443638.

32.- FLOR DE ALFALFA (organic dairy) Milk, cream, yogurt, jocoque, young botanical cheeses, aged and free grazing meat. Querétaro Tel: 419 292 0204