Friday, August 6, 2021

Cafe Umaran

Café Umaran tops our list of the best new cafes in SMA. Located in the old sports bar at Mama Mia’s on Umaran, the space has been refurbished and is now one of the most stylish cafés in Centro. Café Umaran is part of a new complex under construction that will include three other restaurants: Carajillo, which has two other restaurants in Mexico City, Bar 33 and La Sirena Gorda.
Café Umaran comes to SMA by way of Metepec Toluca, where owner, Francisco Diaz, had a restaurant prior to Covid. Paco moved the entire operation to SMA and is doing what he does best again – making delicious pastries and breads. Many are priced between $10 - $37 pesos and since value is seldom paired with quality anymore, this is another reason to love Café Umaran - it’s affordable. Try the Envueltos Guayaba; the best new pastry in SMA.
Opening just two weeks ago, the café was packed in the middle of the afternoon and is working to expand the menu over the next few months to include new dishes. For now, the Torta de Cochinita is our latest obsession; a quick snack that’s priced at $50 pesos and served on their best, homemade bolillos. Including a variety of coffee drinks and teas, Café Umaran also serves Cerveza, Casa Madero and other high-end wines. The new menu will also include Mimosas – the single most important drink to jump start any morning. You can also grab a bag of bakery goods to go. Trust us, there’s nothing better than eating freshly baked croissants in your pajamas, especially when they’re priced at $23 pesos each. Café Umaran Umaran #8 San Miguel de Allende 37700 Hours: 8:00 AM – 10:00 PM Phone: 55 4023 2625 Owner: Francisco Diaz