Friday, August 6, 2021

The Tuesday Market

One business that’s survived all the ongoing changes at the Tuesday Market: Don Santos Tacos.
Don Santos earned its accolades with authentic Mexican food and you’ll get a bonus these days because it seems like the Tacos de Costillo are double stuffed with an overly generous amount of rib. The meat is cooked in a pile of intestines and chorizo and is so well flavored and tender that you can’t stop at just one. The peppery salsas have a kick that adds a whole other layer of flavor to the tacos. Don Santos Taco de Res is the best beef taco in San Miguel. Bring a $100 peso note and you’ll go home with a pocketful of change.
Although there are a lot of delicious, new tacos in SMA, this is one that’s always worth waiting in line for. It’s still reigns as one of the top tacos in town and another good reason to visit SMA’s most popular Tuesday market, which is slowly making a comeback. The market is also open on Sunday. Located in an unmarked, cobblestone alley in Centro, the other Don Santos is in San Antonio, at Clavel #8 off Refugio Sur. Opens at 6:00 PM – mas o menos.