Monday, June 6, 2022

Nomada Cocina de Interpretación Closing

A happy but sad farewell last weekend to Chef Marco Cruz while he takes a break to look for new restaurant space in SMA for Nómada Cocina de Interpretación; a challenge no one wants these days with most of the spaces in Centro occupied as rents continue to rise. The space Nomada occupied in Doce 18 is being turned into the lobby of L'Ôtel; under new management as of May 1st.
Chef Cruz will spend the better part of May, and June if needed, to find a new home for Nómada Cocina de Interpretación. If you know of a space that’s available or will become vacant shortly, please message him on Facebook. WE HATE TO SEE THE #1 MEXICAN CHEF IN SMA WITHOUT A RESTAURANT. The send-off was great - one last meal at the Chef’s table in Nómada Cocina de Interpretación; the place that’s brought so much dining pleasure to food lovers over the past 6 years. The Chef’s table is the best seat in the house; a place to intimately experience food and wine with a chef and his sommelier. We’ve learned to never second guess the mind of a chef, especially a great one like Chef Marco Cruz, who can elevate simple dishes into total works of art. This feast was another rare passage into the mystery of his cooking… Huauzontles Tostada, Grasshoppers, Habanero and Nuts. This is one of the most delightful, Mexican Tostadas we’ve eaten; the grasshoppers presented a crunchy finish.
Charred Caesar Salad with Eggplant. Chef Cruz does a lot of experimenting with charred food; this a Caesar salad cooked on the stove with burnt bread and eggplant. Mushroom Risotto and Lubina, garlic mushroom sauce, chile de árbol and coconut. A fish that’s a specialty of Chef Marco Cruz, the rendition was magnificent with the combination of chilies and coconut. Corn Tamali, 3 different milks, Mango and lime. A different take on a Tamali dessert; the fresh mango was a pleasant accent.
And now for the highlight of the meal: crispy Heirloom Tomatoes, Seaweed, Tamarind and Chintextle sauce. A most exceptional dish, we say this coming off 6 years of remarkable sauces from this chef. Throw out your table manners; the Tamarind and Chintextle sauce made this dish worthy of licking the bowl clean. The best dish Chef Marco Cruz has ever made, the chef went out, momentarily, with a bang. Stay tuned for an update.