Sunday, November 13, 2022

Panio's New Lemon Ice Cream

Some planning your life for the next two years food…

Just when I’d given up on trying to find the same delicious lemon flavor of the Flan de Lemon ice cream I use to eat every day at Bing’s Helados in Guadalajara after school in the late 60’s, Panio in SMA has come out with a NEW Lemon Ice Cream. It’s got our vote for the best ice cream ever until we can find a better one; rather unlikely since the last time took fifty-two years.

Heavenly, delightful, creamy, refreshing, smooth, enticingly divine, flavorful, mouthwatering premium Lemon Ice Cream. I finally scooped some in a bowl after I ate half the carton. And, like everything else, Panio will deliver it free.

Panio Atelier du Pain WhatsApp order number: 415 101 3003 Salida a Celaya 67-69 8:00 AM Р9:30 PM Doce 18 at Relox 12 9:00 AM Р8:00 PM Panio Correo 29 8:00 AM Р8:00 PM Panio La Luciérnaga 8:00 AM Р9:00 PM