Sunday, November 13, 2022

Chef Ryan McNab: London Chef Relocating to SMA

Part of the fun of writing about food is interacting with all the chefs. Ryan McNab recently came to SMA for a visit and to meet up with girlfriend, Julieta Moreno. A 42 year old chef from London, he was delightful and will return to SMA next year to live.

One thing I got hooked on while he was here was crumpets; I never had them when I was in London. He made a batch for me and now I want them every day for breakfast with butter; good butter.

Here is Ryan’s recipe. After looking at this, I decided to leave it to one of our local bakeries. Ryan is another certified Naples Pizza maker. Did you know that you can make crumpets from pizza dough?

Welcome Ryan to SMA’s community of chefs. Yes SMA, we got another good one.

Crumpet Recipe


2.75 cups/350g plain flour 14g dried yeast 1 tsp/5g caster sugar 350ml warm milk 150-200ml room temp water Half tsp/3g bicarbonate of soda 1 tsp/5g salt


* In a mixing bowl combine the flour and dried yeast.

* Make a well in the flour mixture and add the warm milk.

* Using a wooden spoon, slowly combine the flour into the milk until it forms into a thick paste like dough.

* Keep beating the mix for up to 5 mins as this helps to form the gluten bonds.

* After the 5mins cover the bowl with a tea towel (or cling wrap) and leave for 1 hour.

* After 1 hour the mix will have proofed and doubled in size… you should see little holes in the surface formed by the air bubbles.

* In a jug combine the water, salt and bicarbonate of soda. Stir until all is dissolved into the water.

* Add the water mixture to the proofed dough mix and again beat with the wooden spoon till combined into a loose batter consistency. (At this stage you can cover and store in the fridge till the next day if required… if not proceed to the next action).

* Cover again and leave for a further 20-30mins.

Cooking the crumpets

* Lightly oil a heavy flat based frying pan (cast iron type is great) and heat on a medium setting.

* Using cooking rings (like the type to cook eggs) grease with oil or butter if none stick, add some of the batter mix into the ring to just below half way up.

* Cook the crumpets till the mixture rises and holes appear in the top and the mixture appears to dry.

* Remove the rings and flip the crumpets over for a few seconds to lightly brown the top of the crumpets.

* Remove from the heat and cool.

* Crumpets will be best when completely cooled.

* To eat pop them in a toaster oven to re heat through and finish with butter and your favorite sweet or savory topping. (Just butter is perfect).