Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Charlie Trotters: 1987- 2012

Charlie Trotters, one of Chicago's most celebrated restaurants is closing.

Trotter plans to travel the world and return to college to study philosophy and political theory.
I say good for him. I am all about learning new things having gone back to school myself recently.
With the closing, 60 full-time employees will lose their jobs. One of them is Joe.
I met Joe on the train a few weeks ago. The young CIA trained chef had just moved here from New York and was so excited about his first day on the job at Charlie Trotters. It was New Year’s Eve day.

Trotter made an announcement that night that would change the course of Joe’s career forever.

I thought about Joe a lot on New Year’s day. Talking with him for that brief, fleeting moment, I am convinced that he will get everything out of his 8 months at Trotter’s, move on to his next job and never look back.

Passion is a difficult quality to conquer.

Bon Appetit!