Sunday, July 7, 2013

Casa de Las Ranas

The New York Times did an article on Anado called His Theory? Color Chaos. It put him on the map although I suspect that Anado could have done that all on his own sooner or later. Most of the buildings on the property were done in an elaboration of colored mosaics of ceramic and glass. It was magic.
What I didn’t expect is that both of them would spend well over an hour with us and like a long, lost friend, share their studio and their home…not to mention their kitchen.
Yes, the most wanted room in the house. It had beautiful red tiles – my favorite color – and altars and shrines in every bit of space that would hold one. Just looking at all of them gave me so many ideas on things to add to the Day of The Dead altar I’ve had for over 30 years.
It also made me wonder if they cook together – and what they cooked - and I have to admit that I imagined cooking in this kitchen with them. I was so taken with the space, I forgot to ask.
For now, I’ll just mark this experience up as one of my most intriguing… and start making my grocery list just in case.
Buen Apetito!