Tuesday, July 15, 2014

SMA Shorts July 15, 2014

Photos from readers
Mary Tullbane
Sea Salt at 4825 Minnehaha Ave in Minneapolis, MN,USA.

Their menu changes daily to accommodate all the fresh seafood available from COASTAL SEAFOODS! Calamari looks amazing doesn't it?

César Mascorro Pérez
Thai Noodle Soup at The Nit Noi Cafe,1005 Dairy Ashford in Houston,TX,USA.

If you want to find out more about authentic Thai food, go to Valen Dawson's website Eating The Globehttp://eatingtheglobe.com.

Valen is now based in Thailand after living and blogging in San Miguel.

A gift...

Someone asked me the other day what the best thing is that I've given to my son?
That was easy. A lifetime of adventures.

Bar Matilda...

The new bartender at Hotel Matilda, Alberto “Riesler” Morales Perez, has created a signature drink for Bar Matilda called Handu.

It's made of vodka infused with cactus, then scented with lavender and accented with local fruits called Otomies citrus and topped off with Perrier.

Was it good? 2 drinks = 1 over limit = We'll do this again!

As part of its overall plan to put Bar Matilda on the national map, the Matilda will be developing most of its own ingredients. The hotel will also hold mixology clinics, cocktail contest and tasting events and even host appearances by guest bartenders. 

Who would you like to see behind the bar at Matilda? Let them know when you are attending one of Alberto's upcoming events.

Diagnosis: Incurable!

How To Cook Perfect Shrimp…

After shrimp is thawed and deveined (most shrimp you purchase will already be deveined), season with olive oil and your favorite spices. I like to use Cajun seasoning or simply salt and pepper.

Heat a frying pan over medium heat.

Place shrimp on their side until edges start to become pink, about 3 minutes.

Flip shrimp, and cook for another 2 minutes.

Note to self...

Next year pay attention to your catholic calendar. Missed the feast of Corpus Christi.
How did that happen? Love that holiday.

Aging gracefully?

World Cup. Mama Mia, San Miguel de Allende.
Standing room only.

Southern Cooking...

Here are some of the fantastic Southern foods I ate when I was in Oklahoma recently for my son's engagement party.

Did you know in the South we never count calories?

Around Chitown: City Seats Chicago

Update: Improving the BLT:

I am not only bringing the bread from Mivida to Alex at El Tucan for my BLT but also the bacon.

I love BLT's but only with quality ingredients. There is a bacon here called tocino con grasa. Not sure why it's called that because it has more meat on it than any other bacon and it's sliced super thin. You can buy it at Samy's Grocery Store on Insurgentes.

Good thing I finally have American's favorite summer sandwich down now that it's half way through the summer.

Luna Rooftop Tapas Bar

With a menu just 2 month-old, Luna is dishing out some high-quality appetizers at much more affordable prices. Just ask half of San Miguel who have eaten here already and tell me they are going back for more.
Bonus: The killer view. I think it's one of the best in San Miguel.

The Pear, Blue Cheese and Arugula is enough for 2-3 as an appetizer at $115 pesos.

The ribs and Calamari rings glazed with Chipotle are their real specialties.

I had the Calamari rings the second time I was there and they were like no other Calamari I've had before. The Chipotle glaze was fantastic.

Lots of appetizers on the menu for sharing. Don't you just love splits?

In my own little corner..
Lots of inspiring ideas come from my little corner of the house.
A research nook, nap spot and work space all rolled into one.

My favorite summer flowers?
Gardenias, Peonies, and Lilly of the Valley.

Geez, sounds a bit like a wedding bouquet.

Stay tuned but you'll probably be waiting for a really long time.

Interesting buys:
Saturday Organic Market

La Pulga

Tuesday Market

A Man Bouquet... courtesy of the Tipsy Bartender.

I like all of her fun gifts and creative drinks. You can always find something new to try on her site. www.tipsybartender.com/

Cherry Street Farmers Market - Tulsa,Ok

This area of Tulsa is filled with great restaurants, boutiques, art galleries, antique stores, and little, funky vintage shops. It's also home to one of the best Farmer's Markets in Oklahoma with nearly 90 vendors.

It's a fact that seasonal, sustainable food is better tasting and so much better for you. Just ask all of the customers at the Saturday Organic Market each week.

I tagged along with son Tommy and fiancé Jessica while they bought for the week.

The Other Mexico...

"To experience a more genuine Mexico without seeing gringos at every turn, look to these quieter alternatives on the coast."

Instead of Cabo San Lucas... head to Todos Santos.
Instead of Puerto Vallarta... head to San Pancho.
Instead of Cancun... head to Tulum.

Some thoughts on living inland...

All my life, I've been around water. In fact some of the best times I've ever had has been at the beach.


Get out the snorkeling gear. I feel a seacation coming on!

Always plan so that you have something to look forward to.


Chitown: Summer In The City

Make me an artist...

That's a tall order even for local Mixed Media expert Jane Dill who tried to teach me and three other would be artists that it's all about how you see it...or is it how others see it?

Stay tuned for a post next week.

Still perfecting my mole recipe...

Almost there is something many chef's have said for years before they ever "get it right."

Just ask Rick Bayless. His Oaxacan black mole, a dish of extreme dimension and mastery, took him 20 years to perfect.

Madison Half Marathon...

Whimsical drawing by friend and running partner Bonnie Urban as the two of us crossed the finish line at the Madison Half Marathon.

After all, running is a necessity when you love eating as much as we do.

Remember, our hearts still belong to more than just our significant other... courtesy of Reddit.

Welcome Twitter friend Stephen Zwick of the LA Examiner. Follow all of his posts at LA_Chefs.
Fiorella’s New Orleans
1136 Decatur St in New Orleans
Southern Fried Chicken

Eat here. Diet at home!

Welcome "home" food blogger Don Day and super-chef/wife Sharon! 
Hungry for a good meal.

Buen Apetito and Good Eating San Miguel!