Saturday, July 26, 2014

Vanessa and the Rosa Tortillas

I've been passing a tortilla stand at the San Juan de Dios market since late last year admiring Vanessa, the woman who makes the Rosa tortillas.

Rosa Mexicano. Hex: #E4007C and RGB: 228,0,124. It's the color of Mexico.

My fascination with the color Rosa began when I first came to Mexico years ago. My obsession started when I saw her Rosa tortillas.

Rosa is considered a symbol of national identity in Mexico. It also represents Mexican charisma.

Vanessa has charisma. She charmed me the first time I met her. That's why she sells so many tortillas. That and the fact that most of Vanessa's tortillas are Rosa and not white or yellow like everyone else.

Rosa is the one color that represents the Mexican color palette. I see Rosa and it instantly makes me want to break out in song and start dancing. Rosa makes me happy.

Seeing the world through Rosa-colored glasses these days? Blame it on San Miguel. Some say it has that magic.

Bullfighters use Rosa to line their clothes.

Visionary artists like Anado use it to mark their windows.

Fabric designers like Patrice Wynne use it to create a bold presentation.

Even the inside walls at restaurants like Cinco de Mayo Experimental in Queretaro are painted Rosa to make a powerful and symbolic statement.

Everything about Rosa speaks passion, spirit and the determination to get more out of life. Getting more out of life is one of the reasons I moved here.

In fact, Rosa stands out, even when it's at the bottom of the stack.

Just look at Mexican art, clothing or food and you’ll see plenty of Rosa Mexicano.

Rosa is the dominant color in many of the photos I've taken in Mexico.

After all this time watching Vanessa make her Rosa tortillas and chatting, I found out today that Vanessa is my neighbor. She lives on my street just ten doors down from our house.

Love thy neighbor...

she may even place a basket of Rosa tortillas outside your door some Sunday morning when you least expect it.

Buen Apetito!