Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Food-Lover's Cleanse

I know – we all got a little out of control this season - especially me.
For the first time in years the sweets tasted “sweet” and I found little time to do anything but eat, drink and write a food blog.

This Food – Lover is in desperate need of a cleanse and lucky for me Bon Appetit launched a two-week cleanse with writer Sara Dickerman created strictly for people who love food. That would be us!

Sara will teach you to cook satisfying meals with healthy ingredients and you can follow along as she plots her progress on their blog.

Here is the link and feel free to check in with me if you plan to do this. Food-Lover's Cleanse

I can’t do this in January as I have a number of food events, but they have it laid out so that you can follow it anytime.

The downside of this is plan that some of the recipes are ingredient heavy – I want easy- and printing out the 30 pages to follow the diet is about 29 pages too many for me.

Here are two steps I’ll be following this month:

Step One: Pack a lunch. It’s the easiest way to control the calories you eat. It’s January 4th and I packed my lunch today after eating out the past 5 months.

Step Two: Make a commitment to only go for those cheats on the weekend…and I need to be the first one to follow my own advice.

Bon Appetit!