Saturday, March 16, 2013

A Flying Leprechaun? Pass Me Another Green River

 All along the Chicago River, restaurants had their Irish up. 

So who would know that the tradition of dying the Chicago River its beautiful emerald green would get more entertaining …if that’s even possible. 

How about a Leprechaun that walks on water and flys? No, I swear I haven’t had a drop of green tequila just an ounce or two of Green River. 

FlyBoarding is the hottest new sport in Chicago and the flying Leprechaun stole the show at today’s annual dying of the Chicago River
The FlyBoard is attached to a jet ski that directs water through a hose to the board you are standing on. It will push you 22 feet in the air at a speed of 18 mph or you can dive like a dolphin.
By the way, if it hit 30 degrees today, it never felt like it so that Leprechaun was not only lucky but also very crazy. And isn’t that the perfect place to be on St. Patrick’s Day?

Get your Irish on and Bon Appetit!