Friday, July 29, 2022

Barra Mexico

With over 15,000 attendees from 41 countries and 500 brands presented, we learned a thing or two about the spirits we consume at Barra Mexico, Without a doubt, one of the BEST Barra Mexico shows we’ve attended. It was laid out beautifully; easy to navigate, even with the crowd. It’s the most important fine drinking event in Latin America and one of the five most important in the world. The day was picture perfect and the turnout was even more spectacular. There were two main stages: June 16-19 was Cocktail Week and Villa Barra Mexico at Hacienda Los Picachos took place on June 18-19. For Cocktail Week, various activities took place in more than 30 hotels, restaurants, vineyards, bars and galleries around town. The restaurants in town did all of the food at Hacienda Los Picachos ; all of it vegetarian. Casa Dragones, along with one of their best, Adrian Garcia Evans, did a superb job; their booth was beautiful, complete with a pool and adjacent rooms for ongoing seminars. It was full from opening to close. The person in charge of placement wins the prize; there were blue boxes everywhere you looked, including at Aruma by Amatte Wellness Community, who also ruled the day with Mixologist Mike Espinosa and his head bartender Daniela. Aruma created the best drink of the show: Floating Grapes with a mix of Casa Dragones Blanco, Cardamomo con maracuya and Helado de champagne. We’re hoping, after the success of this show, it will be held in SMA again next year. If you happened to miss Barra Mexico, wander down to Aruma Skybar at the Amatte Wellness Community at Salida Real a Queretaro #168 and experience some of Mike Espinosa’s beautifully prepared cocktails. After climbing 71 steps to the top, enjoy the magnificent view and Hacman's restaurant, created by Valle de Guadalupe chef, Drew Deckman.