Friday, August 5, 2022

La Mar

You like to think it’s you that has the instinct about a restaurant having good food but this was a no brainer when the chef is none other than Arturo Sandoval, the genius behind the kitchens at Atrio, Aquila Brasa, La Azotea and Pueblo Viejo. We were the first customers this morning at Arturo’s new restaurant, La Mar, with owners, Erika Reséndiz, Arturo’s wife and his former sous chef at Aquila, Joel Orozco la Apoyara. It’s Joel’s first restaurant. We LOVED every dish that was put in front of us, all having the wonderful flavors of Mexico with a bit of that Sandoval magic.
Following the blessing of the restaurant by Father Antonio of San Antonio Church, it immediately filled up; the outdoor seating was full and the sun was out. It was a perfect opening day.
There’s the breakfast items; delicious sweet and savory and many beautiful seafoods on the menu for both lunch and an early dinner. This brioche toast was topped with fresh figs, fruit and a cream of lavender and honey of agave. Dulce de Leche Waffles and a Sandwich Croque Madame was so good, we split them all and shared. The omelet with incredible flavors is called the Chinaberry Omelet ; Chinaberry Farms providing many of the super fresh ingredients for this dish.
We haven’t been this excited about a breakfast spot since Rustica; interestingly all part of the same family. It’s going to be very popular so you’ll want to come early to get a seat. The Café de Olla is addicting; no need for milk or more sugar here. My new favorite cup of coffee in SMA. La Mar Salida a Celaya #6/ below Lima San Miguel de Allende 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM Open: Thursday - Tuesday Closed Wednesday Chef: Arturo Sandoval Facebook: La Mar Sma instagram @la_mar_sma