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The Best Cooking Schools in San Miguel de Allende

The best short cut we know to immerse in a country’s culture is to take a cooking class.

We’re a cooking class junkie; we’ve taken so many cooking classes over the years, we quit counting. Every time we visit a new country, we read up on the cuisine before we go and in the first few days of our trip, we sign up for a cooking class to learn more about the history and culture, specialty dishes and the local ingredients.

You never know who you’re going to meet in a cooking class. We had the good fortunate, in one of our early classes here, to meet a lot of the Sous chefs from the city’s best kitchens. What a great way to be introduced to the restaurants in San Miguel de Allende. We also got a lead on the best street food in the city. It turns out that most of the Sous chefs worked the night shift and knew exactly where to send us so we discovered the inside track on eating in SMA early on.

We’ve met chefs and Sous chefs, restaurant owners, industry giants and food lovers just like you; many who are now lifelong friends. Our contact base has grown over the years and when we travel, we always have someone to share a meal with. It’s one of the big benefits of traveling to eat.

A cooking class will open your eyes to the culinary adventures ahead of you. It’s a great way to preview what you’re going to find on the streets, in the markets and at all of the restaurants. With over 550+ restaurants in San Miguel de Allende, you’ll find one of the most diverse varieties of food in all of Mexico. If you’ve been running around SMA eating and drinking all of our great food, you can also take a custom class and specify the menu. Every instructor has their own version of popular, San Miguel de Allende dishes.

Most of the cooking instructors on this list are trained in Mexican and International cooking. Many of them have owned their own restaurants; some of them are professionally trained while others acquired their knowledge and passion from previous generations. With some of the most knowledgeable teachers in Mexico, these masters will teach you things that you’ll never learn on the streets.

The cooking classes are made-to-order and can be scheduled with a 24-hour notice. Try to sign up in advance, especially when San Miguel de Allende is in-season, from November through March, and classes fill up early. All of the classes include meals and printed or digital recipes along with other extras.

Enrolling in a cooking class will give you the best souvenir to take home from your trip: the ability to reproduce remarkable Mexican and world dishes in your own kitchen. Every time you cook a meal from one of your trips, you’ll relive the travel experiences and taste the country all over again.

SMA boasts an A-list of cooking school instructors. In every class, you’ll get history, colorful stories and straightforward answers about the dishes these Masters create. All of the instructors have their own specialties and unique style of cooking. A detailed account of the classes and tours are listed below, in no particular order.

Buen Provecho!

Paco Cardenas, Cooking With Paco Cardenas Chef Paco Cardenas has owned El Petit Four, a French-Mexican pastry shop, celebrating his 24th year this year. A former assistant to Diana Kennedy, he’s taught Mexican cuisine extensively in Mexico, Europe and the US. The school is located in the picturesque Atascadero neighborhood of San Miguel de Allende, where his legendary, outdoor kitchen and classes has been the subject of many newspaper and magazine articles. His true passion has always been teaching. The first cooking class I took when I moved to San Miguel de Allende in 2013 was from Chef Paco Cardenas.

Class information: When: Mondays. Where: Atascadero, San Miguel de Allende – a short 7 minute ride from Centro. Focus: Traditional Mexican Cooking. Duration: 5 Hours. Cost: US $175 USD or peso equivalent. Pricing upon request for other locations and culinary tours. Contact: Chef Paco Cardenas Cooking With Paco Cardenas Atascadero,San Miguel de Allende, GTO.,México Phone: 415-154-4010 WhatsApp: 415-153-3283 Email: pacopos3@yahoo.com Website:elpetitfour.com Instagram: COOKING_WITH_PACO_CARDENAS

About Chef Paco Cardenas: Since he was a child, Paco’s been cooking with both his grandmothers and great aunts in their kitchens. In 1994, he got a degree in Graphic Design and worked at the National Anthropology Museum in Mexico City. He switched careers just two years later and went to work as an apprentice in the pastry shop at the JW Marriott Hotel in Mexico City. In 1998, he moved to San Miguel de Allende and opened El Petit Four. El Petit Four is known for it’s cakes; the most popular the infamous Chocolate Truffle Cake. They also have an all-day menu including many delicious, breakfast dishes. The beautiful, new location is on Calle Jesus in Centro; just one block from the Jardin. Chef Paco Cardenas taught Mexican cooking at Rancho La Puerta in Tecate, Mx., Sazon Cooking School in San Miguel de Allende,Mx., The Ocean Reef Club Cooking School in Key Largo, Fl., the CIA in San Antonio,Tx. and was the assistant to Diana Kennedy for classes dedicated to making regional tamales for chef/instructors in the US. He’s also taught cooking in Italy at Chef Paolo Monti’s Cooking School in Lucca and with Judy Witts Francini in Certaldo.He’s been featured in Bon Appetit, Dove Magazine (Italy), OUT, Continental.com, Travel and Leisure, Coast, Libido, Better Homes and Gardens, ZINK, Viajar ABC (Spain) and El Universal.

Gilda Carbonaro, Culinarian Expeditions If you want classes in Mexican or Italian cooking, Gilda Carbonaro is the perfect choice. Her classes revolve around the freshest ingredients, with zero kilometer availability wherever possible. She chooses her recipes to encourage people to cook authentic, family recipes with relatively few ingredients and focuses on technique.

Class information: When: Summer and Winter in San Miguel de Allende and Fall and Spring in Florence, Italy. Focus: Gilda Valdez Carbonaro offers market-to-table cooking classes both in Florence and San Miguel de Allende. Her idea is to teach her students is to make meals - either Mexican or Italian - that they will reproduce at home with an understanding of the back story on each dish. She starts at the market, talking to her suppliers, tasting and identifying some of the spices, vegetables, fruits, and cheeses that will be incorporated in the meal. Gilda also has a rooftop garden above her kitchen with the best view of SMA in the city. Duration: 3 Hours Cost: $100 USD or peso equivalent . Pricing for additional culinary tours upon request Contact: Gilda Valdez Carbonaro Culinarian Expeditions Website: www.CulinarianExpeditions.com Email: gilda@CulinarianExpeditions.com Phone: +1 301 792 8854 WhatsApp: +1 301 792 8854 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/culinarianexpeditions Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/culinarianexpeditions/

About Gilda Carbonaro and Culinary Expeditions: Gilda Carbonaro divides her time between Mexico and Italy, spending the winters and summers in San Miguel de Allende and the fall and spring in Florence, Italy, offering culinary tours and market-to-table cooking classes Gilda Carbonaro studied at the Cordon Bleu in Florence and Cucina Lorenzo de Medici. Her cooking experience in Mexico comes from ‘la buena mesa’ where she ate her first meals with her mother’s, grandmother’s, and aunts. She is passionate about sharing what she know about the history and culinary traditions of these two countries because she feel that it’s through a country’s cuisine that we can learn about its people. She got her Masters degree in Linguistics from Georgetown University and was the Director of the Spanish language program at Georgetown. For over thirty years she taught in private schools in the D.C. area, including the prestigious Saint Albans School, an all boys’ school - grades 4 through 12. Gilda created a summer program, Saint Albans in San Miguel de Allende, to bring students here to learn about Mexican culture, including language, soccer, cooking and dance.During the lockdown, she finished writing a cookbook that she started years before, A Tiny Kitchen in Florence , which covers some of the simple and traditional Italian meals that are often not found in restaurants. The book includes photographs of the recipes and of Florence as it looked during the lockdown. A blogger, she and a friend, Gilda Claudine Karasik, created Dos Gildas, a blog dedicated to authentic Mexican cuisine, recipes, and stories surrounding Latin culture. The blog was recognized by NBC Latino.

Patsy Dubois, Patsy’s Place Patsy Dubois is the ultimate storyteller, offering a unique Cook-Eat and Play experience: 5 hours of cooking and eating in her outdoor kitchen in the countryside of San Miguel de Allende, followed by an early afternoon of swimming, steam and Jacuzzi. Patsy’s classes are one-of-a-kind - create your own experience by selecting the menu for that day. Many of the ingredients for her classes are picked from the beautiful gardens and greenhouse that surround her country property.

Class information: When: Ongoing Where: Patsy’s Place. Class Size: 3-6 people Focus: Mexican cooking. Duration: 5 hours Cost: US$195.00 or peso equivalent Contact: Patsy DuBois Patsy’s Place San Miguel de Allende, Mexico Phone: 415-153-5303 Email: patsy@patsydubois.com www.pátsydubois.com Facebook: Patsy Dubois

About Patsy DuBois: A free spirit in every sense of the word, Patsy Dubois learned to cook in Tulsa, Ok. at the early age of five. Her father put her on a wooden box in front of the stove and said “if you can read, you can learn to cook.” And she did. She came to San Miguel de Allende and attended the Instituto Allende, getting her Masters of Fine Art. At the time, there were over six hundred students from twenty three countries attending the school. After graduation, she went to Mexico City and taught at the Modern American School. She returned to SMA and started a catering company, Fiesta Party, with a group of friends. In 1994, she started cooking; doing catering from her ranch in the country and teaching classes. The ranch grew into a venue and party pavilion where people went to celebrate their holidays. Everyone in SMA has at least one Patsy Dubois story to tell. Patsy Dubois is currently building a new home where she’ll start teaching cooking classes again in 2023. She’s making plans to travel to England, India and Bali next year and will start writing a book on the story of her life which will also include her recipes. Rick Thompson and Ginny Martin, two Emmy Award-winning documentary filmmakers, are doing the story of Patsy’s 53 years in Mexico, which includes five years of living in Mexico City with the family of Mexican President Miguel de la Madrid at Los Pinos. The film will preview next year with an opening in San Miguel de Allende.

David Jahnke, Chef David Jahnke Cooking Classes School Chef David Jahnke teaches a wide range of cooking classes for everyone – from amateurs to advanced professionals. He also conducts food tours including market tours around San Miguel de Allende and mushroom hunting tours in the rainy season. He provides personal, private chef services and virtual cooking classes. Chef David Jahnke is widely recognized for his knowledge of food history and gastronomy, having taught at the University of Celaya, where he was the head of the gastronomy department.

Class information: When: Ongoing Where: Colonia San Antonio Group Size: 1 – 5 Cost: $120 USD or peso equivalent /2 hour market tour. $170 USD or peso equivalent / 3 hour cooking class. $220 USD or peso equivalent / 4 hour private event. Custom prices quoted upon request. Focus: Classic and authentic Mexican and International Cooking with an emphasis on natural, local and organic products. Contact: Chef David Jahnke Phone: 744-136-3963 Email: david.jahnke@gmail.ccom Website: https://www.sanmigueldeallendecookingclasses.com/ Facebook: David Jahnke Instagram: chefdavidjahnke

About Chef David Jahnke: Chef David Jahnke was certified as a professional from the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry and as a Chef Educator by the France World Association of Chefs. He also has a licensed, academic degree in Gastronomy and a Masters degree from the University of Barcelona. For 30 years, he has worked as an international chef in both Europe and Mexico, with 5 years of teaching Gastronomy at the university level. He graduated with university title for a Licensed Degree in Gastronomy, certified by the Mexican Secretary of Education. He taught at the University of Celaya and the University of Barcelona, participated in the writing of two books and developed two nonprofit projects. On Trip Advisor, his cooking school is rated as one of the top schools in Mexico.

Alicia Wilson Rivero, Pura Vida Kitchen Cocina Taller Chef Alicia Wilson Rivero’s classes highlight Mexican, International and basic nutrition for the home kitchen. Pura Vida provides training for all sorts of food preferences and offers a variety of specialty classes that concentrate on healing through your diet. A certified health coach, Chef Alicia Wilson Riverp also offers private culinary nutrition consultations for people with digestive disorders, heart disease and other inflammatory conditions. A restaurateur, food store and cooking school owner, she is the go-to chef in SMA for everything healthy.

Class information: When: Ongoing Where: Margarito Ledesma #6, in the heart of San Miguel's popular Colonia Guadalupe, three blocks from Centro. The neighborhood is filled with street murals, new restaurants, and interesting food shops. It’s also home to Fabrica la Aurora – a renovated textile mill that is home to some of SMA’s best galleries and shops. Private Classes: Chef Alicia Wilson Rivero will do private classes in your residence. Privately arranged individual or group classes run 3.5 hours at your residence and offer a meal with Margaritas. All classes include a digital recipe packages. Focus: Healthy. All the classes offer ways to prepare whole, real foods. Classes include Gourmet Tacos with Market Tour - a great primer into learning about Mexican ingredients, salsas and taco fillings; Mole from Scratch, Tamales, Atoles and Masa de Maiz. She also teaches a wide range of classes on Home Cooking, Cooking for Health as well as International Cuisines. Job Training: Pura Vida Kitchen also offers a job training program for women in the community seeking work as cocineras (hired cooks). Contact Alicia Wilson Rivero for pricing. Duration: 2.5 – 3 hours Cost: $45 USA - $125 USD or peso equivalent. Pricing available for custom classes upon request. Contact: Chef Alicia Wilson Rivero Pura Vida Kitchen Cocina Taller Email: : alicia@puravidakitchen.com Website: www.puravidakitchen.com WhatsApp: +14158406552 Instagram/Facebook: puravidakitchen Trip Advisor: Pura Vida Kitchen

About Pura Vida Kitchen Cocina Taller: With over 15 years of experience working with food for health, Chef Alicia Wilson Rivero blends her professional training in Culinary Arts – Culinary Institute of American Pastry Program and a Masters in Education from Columbia University – with her capacity to improve creatively with flavors to teach eating for health as well as pleasure. Her school is above her restaurant and shop, DeliQ, where she teaches fun, hands-on classes on Mexican and other International cuisines. She also works as a natural foods instructor, private chef and functional nutrition consultant for people interested in improving their well being with real food. She provides private chef services, cooking clubs for groups and one-on-one, personalized nutrition. She is a certified Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. In 2009, she opened the popular Mesa Grande bakery and restaurant in San Miguel de Allende.Esmeralda Brinn, her former partner from DeliQ/Querencia, will be back teaching some classes at her cooking school this fall.

Gabriela Green Pizarro, Chef Gaby Green Cooking School With restaurants, a catering company and a cooking school, Gaby Green has done it all. With both Mexican and European heritage, she’ll share the history and knowledge from her own family’s kitchens. In SMA culinary circles, Gaby is known as an Alchemist; she knows exactly which ingredients pair well together. The sources she finds to flavor and create her meals is somewhat magical. She’s owned five popular restaurants, which attributes to her one-of-a-kind, unique style of cooking.

Class information: When: Wednesday. Contact Gaby if you need a different day. Where: Colonia San Antonio. Group Size: 2-6 people. Focus: Authentic, Mexican Cuisine. Gaby is also trained in Asian and Cajun food and teaches those classes as well. Classes: Every class is hands-on, allowing students to do as much as they would like. Cost: Classes: $120 USD or peso equivalent. Mexican Wine, Tequila or Mezcal tasting add-on: $40 USD or peso equivalent . SMA Market and Winery Tour: $200 USD or peso equivalent. Private transportation is included. Pricing for other custom tours upon request. Contact: Chef Gabriela Green Pizarro Chef Gaby Green Cooking School Pipila 3A, San Antonio, Telephone: 52-415-119-2195 Email:gaby@chefgabygreen.com Website: www.chefgabygreen.com Facebook: chefgabygreen Instagram: chefgabygreen

About Chef Gabriela Green Pizarro: Chef Gaby Green owned Aguamiel cocina rustica, her fifth restaurant and some say her best venture yet. Gaby was born and raised in Mexico City by Mexican and European grandparents. Both of her grandmothers were great cooks from different cultures but with an excellent sense of food. Gaby had a successful career in film before she started cooking. During that time, she did a lot of international travel which included eating in some of the world’s best restaurants. Twenty eight years ago, she found herself under the spell of San Miguel de Allende and stayed. Still in film then, she brought the first art film festival to San Miguel de Allende. Cooking was always her other passion and she ultimately decided to change her career path. She’s ran five restaurants, including a food truck, a catering company and a cooking school. Still deeply passionate about both cooking and film, she will start a film and dinner night in SMA on September 19, 2022 on the third Monday of each month. The theme of each dinner will relate to the film. Watch for an announcement on Gaby’s social media.

Kirsten West, La Piña Azul Escuela de Cocina Chef Kirsten West is an international cooking instructor who has studied regional Mexican cuisine for over 30 years. Her teachers included Diana Kennedy and Rick Bayless, both recipients of the Orden Mexicana del Águila Azteca (the Mexican Order of the Aztec Eagle) for their deep knowledge of Mexican cuisine. Considered an authority on Mexican food and ingredients, she speaks at the Instituto Allende on the history of Mexican food and will also start teaching a Master class.

Class information: When: By Appointment. This flexibility allows visitors to fit the classes into their schedules. Group Size: 4 – 12 students. Where: Colonia San Antonio. She will teach off location for special fundraisers. Focus: Mexican cooking. In 2012, Mexican Cuisine was honored to be included in UNESCO’s Heritage of Humanity. To this day, it is still the only cuisine in the world to have this honor.Chef Kirsten West focuses her cooking classes on the true Mexican cuisine and shares her wealth of knowledge about the food and history with her students. She weaves interesting and historical information about the foods into the lesson. The foods prepared are not excessively picante (many Mexicans can’t tolerate the heat either). However, salsas on the side can accommodate the students that like it hot. After a cooking class, your appreciation for Mexican cuisine will have risen to the World Class cuisine it is. Duration: 4 hours Cost: $85.00 USA or peso equivalent. Message or call for custom pricing. Contact: Kirsten West La Piña Azul Escuela de Cocina Orizaba 39 A Col. San Antonio, San Miguel de Allende Website: pinaazulcookingschool.com Email: kirstenwest@mac.com Phone: 415-101-4155 WhatsApp: 415-101 4155 Face Book: Kirsten West Email: kirstenwest@mac.com

About Kirsten West: Kirsten West, a true culinary explorer, is the Mayora de Cocina at La Piña Azul Escuela de Cocina. Her entire life has been devoted to food; her most rewarding years were spent as the Director of the Test Kitchen for Chef Rick Bayless. At her office in Chicago, she was surrounded by the collection of Bayless cookbooks - the largest, privately-owned collection of Mexican cookbooks in the U.S. Her friends, Diana Kennedy and former boss, Rick Bayless, taught her about the Mexican cuisine she is now so passionate about. When Kirsten started a catering company, she was asked to be Mick Jagger’s (the Rolling Stones) private chef, a short term job that turned into a four-year gig. After fifteen years of catering, she moved to Chicago to work for Rick Bayless, where they developed Mexican food lines for such industry giants as Crate and Barrel, Williams-Sonoma and Whole Foods.

Ruben Yañez Hernandez, Sazon Cooking School Experience the ultimate in cooking vacations. The Sazón cooking school is housed in a magnificent, 18th-century mansion. Study the bold flavors and rich history of regional Mexican favorites and learn the techniques to creating an elegant, modern masterpiece..

Class information: When: Tuesday - Sunday, 2 classes per day: one at 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM and the other 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM Where: Sazon Cooking School, Centro, San Miguel de Allende. Focus: Mexican specialties, regional and healthy cuisines. Duration: 3 hours Cost: Private classes: 1 Pax $4600 MXN/ 2 to 3 $2300 MXN /4 to 8 pax $2000 MXN. Group classes: 4 to 12 pax: $1700 MXN. Contact: Chef Ruben Yanez Hernandez Sazon Cooking School San Miguel de Allende, Mexico Phone: 4151527040 Email: frontdesk.csn@belmond.com Website: Sazon Cooking School

About Chef Ruben Yanez Hernandez: After a short career in the Mexican army, at the age of 34, Chef Ruben Yanez Hernandez decided to become a chef, attending UTSMA where he finishing his training at the well-known Casa Sierra Nevada Hotel in San Miguel de Allende. In 2014, he had the opportunity to start cooking classes at the hotel's own school, Sazón. The adventure continues after eight years of teaching Mexican cuisine.An excellent source of knowledge on Mexican food, this popular cooking instructor teaches two classes per day in season.

Kris Rudolph, La Cocina Cooking School This cookbook author, restaurateur, chef and tour leader runs San Miguel’s oldest cooking school.

Class information: When: Ongoing Where: Colonia San Antonio. Classes: Kris offers 8 different classes based on traditional Mexican food. Many of the ingredients you’ll use come the school’s own organic garden. Focus: Kris offers more than a cooking class—-she delves into the country's fascinating heritage and history, allowing you to transport a true culinary experience into your own kitchen. She peppers her classes with humorous tales of life in San Miguel. All classes are hands-on and include full meals and margaritas. Duration: 4 hours or a full day. Cost: $95.00 –$150.00 USD per person or peso equivalent. Contact: Kris Rudolph La Cocina Cooking School Colonia San Antonio, San Miguel de Allende Phone: (415)154-4825 in Mexico/ 1-888-407-3168 (toll free from US) Email: info@deliciousexpeditions.com http://deliciousexpeditions.com/classes-san-miguel.html Facebook: Kris Rudolph

About Kris Rudolph: Kris has 35 years of kitchen and teaching experience and is the owner of El Buen Café, La Cocina Cooking School and Delicious Expeditions. She is a recipe developer for Tabasco brand products as well as a culinary tour leader for destinations around the world. Kris has a Masters degree in Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Administration from the University of Massachusetts. While there, she taught cooking and banquet management to undergraduates. Her book,”Voices of San Miguel: An Oral History,” is the go-to book for modern San Miguel history and culture. She has also written three cookbooks. La Cocina has been featured in the Washington Post, Los Angeles Chronicle,Texas Monthly, Miami Herald, Tucson Citizen, Austin Home and Living and Edible - Dallas/Ft.Worth.

Magda Pablos, Kuni by Magda Pablos – A Culinary Experience Although Chef Magda Pablos talents extend far beyond the kitchen, cooking is her chosen path to people´s hearts. For decades, Magda has been perfecting her skilled ability to turn simple ingredients into mouth-watering works of art. Küni, the Otomi word for kitchen, sets the ideal stage to create and share her vast culinary knowledge. Prompting a memorable, multi-cultural experience is what Chef Magda Pablos cooking classes are all about.

Class information: When: Ongoing. Where: Atascadero or customer’s specified location. Focus: Authentic Mexican Cuisine. Pre-hispanic cultural cooking Home cooking for you or your cook World cuisine Duration: 3-5 hours Cost: $85.00 - $150.00 USD or peso equivalent. Tour pricing upon request. Contact: Chef Magda Elisa Pablos Velez Cantu Kuni by Magda Pablos – A Culinary Experience San Miguel de Allende, Mexico Phone: +52 777 523 8741 +52 415 181 3236 Email: Kunibymagda@gmail.Com Facebook: Magda Elisa Pablos Instagram: magda_e_pablos

About Chef Magda Pablos: After years of studying in London and creating delicious meals for family and friends, Magda decided to follow her calling as a professional Chef. She enrolled in the renowned Epicurean Cooking School in Los Angeles, Ca., completing her internships in Victor Hugo’s Restaurant, Café Four-Oaks and California Pizza Kitchen in Beverly Hills and Bell-Air. Chef Magda Pablos studied Organic and Biodynamic agriculture. She partnered with catering companies in both Mexico and abroad and also taught cooking classes at the Cooking Place in Cuernavaca, Mexico and in McAllen,Texas. Magda’s career flourished when she introduced her singular brand in her own restaurants: Lilah in Tepoztlan, Morelos and Procesadora Samaj in Cuernavaca, Morelos. Magda has been a resident of San Miguel de Allende, Gto. since 2015, where she served as Executive Chef and Caterng Director in La Troje in Los Senderos, followed by her position as the popular Executive Chef at El Vergel Bistro and Market and as a Partner and General Manager at Casa de los Leones Bed and Breakfast. Chef Magda Pablos continues to work as a culinary business consultant and cooking instructor in San Miguel de Allende.

Maria Laura Ricaud, Marilau Mexican Ancestry Cooking School As in all cultures, those born and raised in the society are the best source of knowledge about traditions. As a Mexican native, Maria Laura Ricaud inherited her Mexican cuisine knowledge and passion from previous generations. She has been teaching in San Miguel de Allende for the last 30 years and has the honor of having as students professional chefs, cooking schools owners, restaurant owners and cooking enthusiasts from all over the world. She takes pride in offering high quality cooking classes covering the techniques and “secrets” that have been jealously kept in Mexican cuisine; paying special attention to the techniques.

Class information: When: Daily – Monday to Saturday. 10:30 AM Where: Calle de la Luz #12, Colonia San Antonio at the corner with 28 de Abril. Classes: Ancestry Mexican Focus: Techniques and secrets to take the mystery out of cooking Mexican food. Group Size: 2 – 8 people. Duration: 3 Hours Cost: $2600.00 MXN per day. Ask about special pricing for week - long courses. Contact: Maria Laura Ricaud Solorzano Mexican Ancestry Cooking School 28 de Abril sur # 9A at la Luz St. BEHIND San Antonio’s Church Phone: +52 415-152-4376 Email: classinfo@marilau.com Website: www.marilau.com

About Maria Laura Ricaud: Maria Laura Ricaud (Marilau) is the owner of Marilau Mexican Ancestry Cooking School and has been a force of Mexican cooking tradition for over thirty years. Her grandfather was a gourmand; influenced by his French parents. Both of her grandmothers, all of her aunts and her mother were remarkable cooks. Loyal to tradition, she developed a true pleasure for Mexican ancestry cooking. Fiercely independent, she’s always been her own boss. Her family tree is as Mexican and influential as it gets; a pedigree from the Who’s Who of early cooking in Mexico. Marilau’s kitchen is a museum; she’s inherited cazuelas, ollas and other kitchen treasures from her family. Maria Laura Ricaud is the keeper of a remarkable piece of Mexican culinary history: Handwritten family cookbooks, one of them from 1798. Marilau has written articles for Texas Monthly, Lifestyle + Travel, Saveur and Better Homes and Gardens. Maria Laura Ricaud is currently writing her first book.

Los Pirules Artisan Kitchen and Garden: Led by the Rosewood Hotel’s expert culinary team in their alfresco garden and kitchen, this interactive culinary experience sheds light on some of the most storied and diverse dishes in Mexican cuisine. Learn how to make a few of the most authentic and popular Mexican dishes, and bring these cherished recipes back home to share with loved ones, as we do in Mexico. For those looking to pick their own ingredients fresh from the ranch, a tour and visit to nearby sustainable farm Via Organica is available. Guests enjoy welcome cocktails, personalized apron and chef hat, and a cooking class followed by a fully prepared lunch with wine, beer, and additional drinks available upon request.

Class information: When: Year-round, book 48 hr prior with the Concierge of the Rosewood San Miguel de Allende. Classes are subject to availability Where: Rosewood San Miguel de Allende, at Los Pirules Artisan Kitchen & Garden Focus: Mexican Duration: 2 hours – half day Price: $250 USD or peso equivalent. Cooking Class and visit to Via Organica: $350 USD or peso equivalent/ Minimum 2 Pax. Both options include Lunch, wine, beer or non-alcoholic beverage, apron, chef hat, recipe book. Contact: Rosewood San Miguel de Allende Nemesio Diez #11, Centro San Miguel de Allende sanmiguel.concierge@rosewoodhotels.com Phone: (415) 152 9700 Cristina H. Quintana | Marketing Manager Rosewood San Miguel de Allende Nemesio Diez 11, Colonia Centro, San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, CP 37700 México Telephone +52 (415) 152.9727 Website: rosewoodhotels.com Photo: The Rosewood SMA

Chef Marcela Bolano, Marsala cocina con acentos A popular contestant on the TV show, Top Chef Mexico - Season 2, Chef Marcela Bolano owns Marsala, cocina con acentos in San Miguel de Allende.Marsala cocina con acentos recently received recognition,for the 5th year in a row,as being one of the 250 best restaurants in Mexico.

Class information: When: Ongoing Where: Centro or other specified location Focus: Mexican and International cooking. Duration: 2 - 4 hours Cost: Pricing upon request. Contact: Chef Marcela Bolano Marsala cocina con acentos Centro, San Miguel de Allende Phone: 415 152 0080 WhatsApp: +1 52 55 5503 8652 Email: marsalaconacentos@gmail.com Website: https://www.marsalarestaurante.com/ Facebook: Marsala, cocina con acentos Instagram: marsala_con_acentos

About Marcela Bolano: Chef Marcela Bolaño’s first job was with renowned chef, Pablo San Roman. She traveled to Hydra, Greece where she studied and mastered Greek cooking. She returned to Mexico City and started Mb Catering by Design, serving celebrities like Madonna, Jennifer Aniston, Sharon Stone and Filippa Giordano. Later, she accepted a position as the Executive Chef at Como Aristóteles en Polanco. She opened her own restaurant, Marsala cocina con acentos, six years ago in San Miguel de Allende. The cuisine is a fusion of Mediterranean, Asian and Mexican with personal accents. Marcela was a candidate on the TV show, Top Chef Mexico - Season 2. One of the most popular chefs in SMA, she travels for international food shows, food festivals and to cook with other celebrity chefs. In 2022, she received the recognition, for the 5th year in a row, as being one of the 250 best restaurants in Mexico in the Mexican Culinary guide, Nespresso, San Pellegrino and Larousse.

Photo: Gunther Maier