Sunday, June 5, 2011

Kanela Breakfast Club

"Kanela" is the Greek word for cinnamon and there was plenty of that on the menu.

At 3231 N Clark Street, I made a quick stop on my way to Green City Market. I wasn’t the first one in the door. I got there at 7:35 AM – five minutes after they opened.

My selection was the duck confit hash with 2 eggs and breakfast potatoes. The hint of vinegar in the duck cofit hash - which had tiny diced potato, onion and carrots – was the secret behind this dish. Wow – was this good. I love breakfast potatoes but I never touched them.

There are two other things on the menu that I also want to try:

Bacon Waffle: Chocolate Bacon + bourbon caramel + bacon dust

Pork Belly Benedict: English Muffins + Poached Eggs + Brussels Sprouts+ Dried Cranberries + Hollandaise

Josh, our really outgoing waiter, also said that the Chorizo Eggs over easy + avocado + chihuahua cheese + salsa verde + jalapeƱo + cilantro + crema served with toast is another popular item on the menu.

Also curious to try two of their starters that I’ve never had:

Bougatsa: Phyllo + Lemon Custard + Kanela + Powdered Sugar

Loukoumades: Kanela Fritter + Lemon-Honey Syrup + Walnut

Lucky for me, it’s down a few blocks from Wrigley.

I’ve heard that long lines after 10 AM are the norm so if you want to check out their menu, got to get out of bed early!

Bon Appetit!