Sunday, June 5, 2011

Obsession #1: Ice Cream

For the new ice cream chef who is just starting out – like me - Nancy Silver of  Snookelfritz is the chef to emulate.

Nancy is at Green City market every week and some of her unusual flavors are maple-candied pecan, rhubarb-crème fraiche sherbet, salted caramel apple, strawberry-honey nougat, and rosemary-honey-goat cheese. I’ve had them all.

I stop by and it’s an under $3 treat that I always indulge in – if nothing else for the lively conversation and a peek (taste) at her novel and amazing flavors. For me, it’s always ice cream for breakfast on Saturday morning at the market.

Making Ice Cream is an art form that I am determined to take to another level this summer. Stay tuned!

One of the women at William Sonoma suggested I try Philadelphia Style Vanilla Ice Cream on the William Sonoma website. She was so right proved only by the fact that I stood over the ice cream maker with a long handled spoon. Here is the link:

Philadelphia Vanilla Ice Cream