Monday, July 4, 2011

Highwood Farmers Market

Of all the Farmers Markets in Chicago, I love the growing market in Highwood the best.
Did you know that Highwood has more 3 and 4 star restaurants than any other city in the country so there is no shortage of good eats?

The ladies at the Bocce Ball court serve fried dough and the nuns (what other Farmers Market has a stall of nuns?) offer other ethnic delicacies. Oh, and did I mention the drinks?

This Farmers Market was meant to be enjoyed with friends over a drink from one of your neighborhood bars…and there are many. I don’t know of any other Farmers Market that has bars in turnout do you? Leave it to the Italians who still rule this town.

The best thing about this market is that it is outstanding people watching. You’ll find a real mix of people here who all come together fluently to tell the same story.

Highwood’s Market runs every Wednesday night – rain or shine.

Bon Appetit!