Sunday, June 23, 2013

Dia De Los Locos

It is said that San Miguel de Allende has more fiestas than any town in Mexico. I’m believing it. One thing I know for sure: Mexico loves to party! Any excuse for fireworks, church bells, loud music, flowers, food, tequila and plenty of colorful costumes. The excuse last weekend was Dia de Los Locos.

The parade was scheduled to begin at 10:00 AM. In true Mexican style, it did not kick off until after noon. Que sera sera. This always-on-time-never-late Chicago girl has finally slipped into dutiful Mexican bliss. Didn’t take that long, did it?

We had been at the start of the procession since 9:30 AM and found a great spot on the edge of a fountain to view the parade. Or so we thought.

The parade, very reminiscent of carnival started at the Church of San Antonio and took a slow 3 hour trek to the center of town. To say it was colorful is an understatement. There were costumes and masks of every shade and color and material… from beautiful, hand painted paper mache to simple wire and masking tape. 

Caricatures of time both foreign and celebrities were there. In true Mexican style, young and old came together to celebrate. 

Cross dressing was the order of the day and elements of the parade were almost reminiscent of a Gay Pride parade in the states.

One of the pure joys was the inordinate amounts of candy thrown at the spectators. The minute the tossing kicked off, the umbrellas went up and turned upside down to catch the candy. Me, I let the candy land at my feet as I anxiously tried to take photos. I’m not sure at what point I gave up shooting as it was impossible to catch anything on camera other than a bunch of colorful umbrellas. They were beautiful and my day would not go unrewarded.

Already a late afternoon tradition, we went to our usual table outside Ten Ten Pie for a Margarita. About 15 minutes into our drinks, people flowed down the street in front of the restaurant with the music blaring and still in full revelry. It turned out that every single group from the parade had to make their exit from town down the street in front of the restaurant.

And since there were only a few of us there, I was about to get my own personal parade.

Buen Apetito!