Friday, September 20, 2013

Death In The Afternoon… San Miguel Style

So what does a bullfight have to do with food and drink anyway? Thats an easy question. I can never do a bullfight without a shot or two of tequila. It’s tradition…just like the bullfights.

For those of you who argue that it’s unfair to the bull, I’ve spared you some of my best photographs.

As the debate goes on about bullfighting many in Mexico will continue their centuries-old fascination with death in the afternoon. I am one of them. As a photographer, I get caught up in the visuals. I can’t see beyond the color… or the tradition.

Some say that bullfighting is a sport and others say it’s an art. I see it as both.

People in towns all over Mexico are linked to bullrings in some way or another and it’s hard not to take an interest. For instance here in San Miguel, there are the bosses – so intense in their passion for the sport that they spend much of their time consulting with and hugging their matadors. I also noticed they smoke oversized cigars.

Then there are the people on the rooftop across from the ring who missed the entire “experience” all together. They can see the fights but they don’t experience the upshot of being here in the ring in the heart of the action. There is an enormous difference.

To me, a bullfight fits wonderfully into the beauty, glory and history of Mexico. It’s ritual is the ultimate adrenaline for the matador, the boss and even me, the aficionado.

Salud and Buen Apetito!