Monday, September 2, 2013

Reposterio Pegaso

As I was walking down the street early Sunday morning, I peeked into a window and caught a real surprise. Christian Daniel Perez Lopez licking his mother’s spoon. It was full of frosting and it reminded me how I use to hang out in the kitchen when I was his age waiting for the spoon to lick after my grandmother had baked.

His mother, Ma. Guadalupe Lopez, was laughing. She found his antics as amusing as I did.

This tiny space is El Pegaso’s bakery and Ma. Guadalupe is the one that creates all the magic in the kitchen. 

El Pegaso, Corregidora 6, is one of my places to go for coffee and a pastry during the week. It’s full of Mexican folk art so you can’t help but be in good spirits when you walk in the door. After all, there are a lot of them hanging around in the likes of Fridas, Virgins and Skeletons. 

They are also known for their great desserts.

I stopped in this morning and saw the cake Ma. Guadalupe was making yesterday there in the dessert case. That made me smile…just like Christian Daniel Perez Lopez did yesterday morning.

San Miguel magic straight from the kitchen of Ma. Guadalupe and her son Christian Daniel? 

Do I believe it? Just looks at his face.

Buen Apetito!