Friday, September 20, 2013

The Cost of a Good Breakfast

Most mornings I am good with a quick meal and a smoothie or a breakfast sandwich will do. But because breakfast is my favorite meal, sometimes I love to take my time, sit down and pamper myself with good healthy food served on beautiful tableware with fresh flowers and homemade cherry or pineapple marmalade. My view: the hotel pool.

Everyone has orange marmalade but who has cherry (The Matilda) or even pineapple (The Sierra Nevada) for that matter.

The cost of this breakfast? 55 pesos ($4.28). Hard to believe that it was just 5 pesos ($0.39) more than the breakfast sandwich I got the other morning and this came from the kitchen at Hotel Matilda.

It is one of the least expensive breakfasts I've had in San Miguel and also one of the best.
And doesn't breakfast taste better served on china instead of a paper plate?

Buen Apetito!