Wednesday, January 20, 2010

At $18.99 a pound, King crab legs are not something you can afford to eat every day. When my grocery store puts them on sale for $12.99 a pound, I can buy a crab leg (0.31 lb) for $4.03.Make sure that you buy King crab legs and not snow crab. There is a huge difference in taste.

King crab legs are so rich, they do not even taste healthy. The truth is, in addition to being very low in calories, the legs are also full of healthy proteins, vitamins and minerals and are super low in saturated fat. They are low in carbs as well and those heart healthy omega-3 fatty acids? Crab legs provide a good amount of those as well.

Most people consider crab legs to be a delicacy. I normally cook them when I have company but today, the sale prompted me to buy one even though I was eating solo tonight.

I steam prepare them - let the water in the bottom of the steamer pot come to a boil, then add the crab legs in the steamer and cover. The crabs will be heated through when you can smell them, about 10 minutes.

Use butter sparingly if you love your crab dipped as it adds a lot of extra calories to your meal. You can squeeze a little lemon on them or just eat them plain if you are watching what you eat.

I serve the crab with a simple salad and some Italian bread and was ready to indulge in just under 30 minutes. This is probably one of the easiest meals you can make.

Got to love those quick and healthy dinners especially when they taste this sinful!

Bon Appetit!