Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What Will You Find In An Old Cookbook?

1) Food samples…

So many of my old cookbooks have food samples in them. Apparently I rushed to take something out of the oven and laid my wooden spoon down on the page. Some of them are enormous and look like works of modern art. There is one page that is so discolored I can barely read the recipe.

I avoid this now by copying a recipe and cooking from the copy…now I put them under a piece of Plexiglas. I must admit however, it’s not half as much fun as being surprised by those intriguing little compositions on the page the next time I cook it.

2) Classic recipes…

The old way or the new way? I still look to the old classics to remind me how it is done right then deliver my own creativity to update it a bit. That’s why they are called the classics!

3) Memories…

When I look at a recipe I often think about the last time I cooked it for a special occasion. I remember the day, the food, the guests, why we were there and how great it was to celebrate the occasion together. Funny, but sometimes I swear I can even remember the smells.

4) Money? –

I found a twenty dollar bill in my old Cajun cookbook today along with a note to go to the grocery store. This was from way back when $20 bought you an entire meal. What does $20 buy you now? I can stretch a dollar a long way so the challenge is on. I’ll report on how much I got for that twenty next week.

Bon Appetit!