Sunday, June 27, 2010

Taste of Chicago 2010

I missed the first 5 years of the Taste of Chicago and have been going ever since. I would love to hear from readers who have been all 30 years and if you have photos from those early years, send them my way.

Chicago is one of the great food cities of the world and once again we see first hand what every restaurant brings to the city.

You’ll come across some new spots this year, along with a lot of the great favorites that are back every year. It’s a culinary adventure so try to attend more than just one day. The food and music stages bring a wide variety of entertainment all the way through the 4th of July.

Opening day, I saw Jimmy Banos, Sr and Jimmy Banos, Jr and his menor Mario Batali in the Dominick’s Food Tent on the east side of Buckingham Fountain.

By way of Summer Sunshine, enjoy Chicago’s best festival of food – The Taste of Chicago!

Bon Appetit!