Friday, October 28, 2011

Highwood Pumpkin Fest

Highwood officials said Saturday that the city had lit more than 31,000 pumpkins during its annual Pumpkin Fest, breaking a world record.

The unofficial count that will be sent to Guinness Book of World Records officials will be released Wednesday.

Guinness officials will look over the city's photos and videos of the thousands to pumpkins to determine whether Highwood will be the new title holder for the most jack-o'-lanterns lit at one time -- an honor currently held by Boston, who, in 2006, lit 30,128.

It was an absolutely beautiful Indian summer day and the crowds were determined to put Highwood in the record books.

I loved all of the added booths and activities to the Festival this year.

If anyone does it right, it’s Highwood.

Bon Appetit!